'Faith in Humanity Restored' after Teens Return Found Wallet and Strike Up Friendship with Owner


Raising kids well is the work of a lifetime, but it’s a priceless gift for all involved. Chris Persons from Palmetto Bay, Florida, experienced that fact after losing his wallet on Oct. 2.

“Last night around Publix I lost my wallet with all of my ID, my Covid vaccination card, my credit cards, plenty of cash, and even a gift card in it,” he posted on Facebook.

“After searching my truck countless times, calling Publix a few times, even Roseanne Person went to Publix to speak to the manager and see if anybody had turned it in, I had completely given up hope.”

According to Good News Network, Roseanne — Chris’ 72-year-old mother — even reviewed footage from store surveillance cameras with the manager, but no dice. The wallet was nowhere to be found.

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But that’s because someone had already found it. Lucas Perry, 15, had found it the same night Chris had dropped it in the parking lot. The next day, he drove with his 17-year-old sister Maya and father Eduardo to Chris’ house to get it back into his hands.

Chris was relieved and grateful.

“Faith in Humanity RESTORED, REINVIGORATED and REJUVENATED!” he wrote.

“They all refused my offer to keep the money that was inside it, they only wanted to do the right thing. And they did. Eduardo was adamant about teaching his children the impact of a selfless, honest act, but I have a strong feeling these two teens would have done it anyway.”

But their interactions didn’t end there. Chris found out they had many similarities, too.

“We talked about everything from Jimi Hendrix to Lucas’ artwork,” he wrote. “And found we had so many commonalities between us. (Especially a love of classic rock!)

“Safe to say, I made three new friends today. I’m fortunate to know these incredible people. What an amazing experience!”

He was also impressed with Lucas and Maya because they weren’t distracted by their phones and were attentive and engaged.

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A week later, the family was on his mind again after he got a new television and determined he didn’t need his fancy surround sound system. Eduardo was excited when Chris offered it to him, and they’re closer than ever.

“So, interestingly, one Sunday they are dropping off my wallet at my house, and the next Sunday they are back at my house to pick up a surround sound system,” Chris said.

“I can’t wait to see what the future holds.”

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