Dr. Fauci Concerned States Are 'Leapfrogging' Over Guidelines to Reopen


Some states are slowly rolling back coronavirus restrictions, and Dr. Anthony Fauci is concerned they are skipping a few steps.

Fauci is urging states to mind the guidelines put into place allowing for them to reopen in phases.

President Donald Trump released new guidelines on April 16 detailing the three phases states have to go through as they reopen, as IJR previously reported.

The first phase allows for some businesses to reopen if they can practice social distancing measures. In phase two, schools, daycare centers, and bars can reopen. In the third phase, employees can return to workplaces.

Fauci explained states must stay in each phase for a period of time before they can move on to the next one and he is concerned they are not doing that.

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Watch his comments below:

“So the concern that I have is that there are some states, some cities or what have you, who are looking at that and kind of leapfrogging over the first checkpoint,” Fauci said.

He continued, “I mean obviously you could get away from that but you’re making a really significant risk.”

Fauci noted if states pull back mitigation practices, they will see cases pop up. If they are then unable to handle the cases, it will send them back to mitigation efforts.

He acknowledged some states are different than others allowing for them to move to the next phase a little quicker as they have already passed the first phase.

Fauci recognized the authority governors have over their states and mayors over their cities but encouraged them to abide by the guidelines to reopen.

“So you want to give them a little wiggle room, but my recommendation is you know don’t wiggle too much,” Fauci said.

He continued, “Try as best as you can to abide by the guidelines that were very well thought out and very well delineated. Some of them are doing that but others are taking a chance. I hope they can actually handle any rebound that they see.”

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