FBI’s Top Lawyer Resigns as Agency Faces Pressure From Trump

The FBI said on Saturday that its top lawyer, Dana Boente, had announced his resignation as the agency faces scrutiny over its investigations of former staffers and supporters of President Donald Trump.

As a senior Justice Department official, Boente was involved in the investigation of Trump’s former national security adviser Michael Flynn, who pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI. The Justice Department has since asked a judge to drop those charges, arguing that prosecutors should not have brought them in the first place.

Trump has repeatedly criticized the FBI for investigating Flynn and other allies.

NBC News, citing two sources, said Boente was asked to resign.

Boente held several senior roles at the Justice Department and the FBI over the course of a 38-year career. He briefly served as acting Attorney General in 2017 after Trump fired Sally Yates, who held the job during the first weeks of his presidency.

“Few people have served so well in so many critical, high-level roles at the Department,” FBI Director Christopher Wray said in a prepared statement.

(Reporting by Andy Sullivan; Editing by Daniel Wallis)


  1. “Boente was involved in the investigation of Trump’s former national security adviser Michael Flynn”
    He signed the f**king Carter Page FISA warrant filled with inaccuracies and lies. If this was done knowingly, then a charge of treason would be justified. Giving him the benefit of the doubt and attributing it to stupidity and incompetence might be more consistent with the well below mediocre talent that is attracted to and can occupy a government position for 38 years without being found out.

  2. There has been proof shown of 17 ‘mistakes’ in the FISA applications drawn up by the FBI to investigate the Trump Campaign before he was even elected. These are long term seasoned FBI officials and 17 separate mistakes? That a PATTERN NOT A MISTAKE. Get your facts straight before you start piping off on Internet comments. The guy was at the top and he was there for decades and he allowed 17 SEPARATE MISTAKES?!? It is time for him to go home and enjoy his retirement.

  3. He was asked to resign.
    By whom ?
    For what ?
    Corruption is spelled t r u m p u k e

    1. “Boente was involved in the investigation of Trump’s former national security adviser Michael Flynn” Article

      This is what fascists DO, john.

      We have to be VERY careful now, BEFORE the next ejection, because after it is going to be too late.

        1. “Can’t trust anyone in Washington” Multi-Friend

          O.K., so DO something about that! Stop electing the same corrupt and untrustworthy politicians. If you keep on doing the same thing over and over but expect a different result, THAT is called insanity.

          So the problem was created BY YOU voting for the same kind of politicians every two years. It’s YOUR fault that we can’t trust our politicians.

          The current administration is one of the least trustworthy and most corrupt governments that this nation has had since the end of the 1800s. It is time to end it and replace as many corrupt politicians as we can, in November, with politicians who take no corporate or PAC bribes. That’s because if the take mainly donations under $200 from citizens, not corporations, then you will find them to be more trustworthy and less corrupt.

          If you know that your Congressmen are corrupt or “untrustworthy”, as Multi-Friend said, but you still vote for them, YOU are part of this problem.

          We MUST elect better politicians.


          1. If you think this is the most corrupt administration, you are one dumb dummy. That statement alone kills any thought of you being a intelligent person and your IQ is below the average of a retarded !

          2. Tim is confused by corruption.

            What form of corruption is he willing to acknowledge, because based on THAT statement his isn’t ready for prime time. Is he likely going to accept this administration giving away ANOTHER $82 billion in a tax giveaway to the wealthiest individuals and multi-national corporations, with NO strings attached, corruption? Is he likely going to accept that pass-through corporations, including Dear Leader’s, being allowed to deduct expenses NOT EVEN RELATED to their businesses as corruption?

            No, Tim can see no wrong if his Dear Leader does it, but he can’t see that Dear Leader is bankrupting America.

            We are screwed with people such as Tim being allowed to vote.

            We MUST elect better politicians.


          3. Scott, at times you make sense, other times not so much. If I recall Obama handed out much more money to banks, insurance companies and others. Who quickly wrote themselves bonus checks in the millions and threw big parties with some of the remaining funds. Would this fit your concept of NOT being “a tax giveaway to the wealthiest individuals and multi-national corporations, with NO strings attached, corruption?”

          4. Of course it is! I am not confused by corruption just because the CURRENT fascist Dear Leader has control of the public purse today. I don’t care who is corrupt. I care about someone BEING corrupt and usually getting away with it and us paying through the nose because of this.

            As far as Obama was concerned, he did the exact same thing that the current Dear Leader did – bailout huge corporations and his rich buddies and ignored the people. Who would have guessed THAT would happen? Answer: anybody with a functioning brain.

            Dollar amounts may vary because this particular crisis has not been resolved yet, but we recently gave away nearly $3 trillion WITH NO OVERSIGHT or accountability. THAT has nothing to do with the previous administration!

            We MUST elect better politicians.


          5. You identified about 90% of Congress. You would replace them with the same.

    2. You obviously don’t know right from wrong. Try using facts for a change. It might increase your iq.

      1. Kathy : you asshole trumpukelicans have never seen a fact to change your opinions and conspiracy theories. Just like your lying fraud god-idol trumplethinskin.

        Attempting to discuss facts with you stubborn cretins is as counter productive and stupid as pissing into a hurricane.

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