Feminists Furious Over 'Gift' Tiger Woods Handed to Justin Thomas After Outdriving Him


Tiger Woods is back playing competitive golf, but he already got himself in trouble with the woke, feminist left for his “gift” to golf partner Justin Thomas after he bested Thomas in a driving matchup on Thursday.

After a seven-month break, Woods appeared at the Genesis Invitational and finished five strokes back from the leader at 2-under par with a 69.

Woods was teamed with his good friend Justin Thomas along with Rory McIlroy, who made up the third member of the team. And while Woods wasn’t particularly wowing everyone with his scores, by the ninth tee he found himself a bright spot.

After Woods popped a longer drive than either Thomas or McIlroy, Woods had a special gift for the younger player, and the whole thing was caught on video, USA Today reported.

Woods hit a 323-yard drive off the tee while Thomas’ shot only ranged out to 313 yards. And that was the moment that Tiger was waiting for, because as the two began walking down the fairway, Woods slipped a tampon into Thomas’ hand.

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Thomas wasn’t the only one to get shown up on the hole. McIlroy also noted that he was a bit miffed that Tiger was outdriving him and later noted that he’d better put in some driving-range time so that Tiger isn’t outdriving him in the future.

Was Tiger Woods' joke to Justin Thomas offensive?

“I’m going to go work on the range. I put my driver up a click in loft at the start of the week, I might have to turn it back down again,” McIlroy said. “I don’t like him hitting it by me.”

Woods had a fairly good day overall, with three birdies in a row to end round two.

“I didn’t want to be the idiot host to miss it right in front of everybody after I just went birdie-birdie,” Woods said, according to ESPN. “It was a great round.”

Still, solid performance or no, not everyone was amused by Tiger’s tampon joke. Many feminist wokesters on social media attacked Woods for misogyny.

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USA Today’s Christine Brennan blasted Woods as a bad “girl dad” for the tampon joke. Brennan slammed Tiger for using the tampon to say, in essence, “You play like a girl.”

“Really, Tiger?” Brennan moaned. “What a bizarre thing for a ‘girl dad’ to do. His daughter Sam, now 15, grew up playing soccer and had just played in a tournament in Florida when she arrived to watch him win the Masters in 2019.”

Brennan was hardly alone. Many jumped to social media to deliver feminist rebukes to Woods.

But, Twitter being Twitter, not everyone agreed with the woke feminists. Many saw it as a harmless joke.

Nathan Matin took it right back to the wokesters by noting that they say men can menstruate, yet are also mad that two men handled a tampon.

Another Twitter user pointed out that liberals have been trying to get tampons put in men’s rooms for years.

And a liberal sports reporter also found the anti-Tiger backlash a bit too much.

Finally, if one wishes to get technical, female golfers absolutely can’t drive a ball as far as male golfers. If you just want to look at the numbers, top male PGA golfer Cameron Young has a top drive of 316 yards, while top LPGA golfer Maria Fasso’s average shot is only 279 yards. And the stats show that the median distance for men is 290.7 yards, while the median for women is only 257.5 .So, “playing like a girl” in the PGA would, indeed, mean someone is falling behind.

Regardless, it is just another example of the left-wing sports media looking for the woke angle instead of just covering sports.

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