'I've Seen This Movie Before': John Fetterman Compares GOP Senate Candidate to Failed Pennsylvania Senate Candidate Oz


Sen. John Fetterman (D-Pa.) drew a comparison between former hedge fund CEO David McCormick and failed Republican Senatorial candidate Mehmet Oz.

The Pennsylvania Democratic Party shared a video in a post on X, formerly Twitter, taking an axe to McCormick’s claims he lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, as a man in the video goes around talking to residents and attempting to find McCormick.

“I think I’ve seen this movie before,” Fetterman said, comparing McCormick to Oz, who moved to Pennsylvania from New Jersey to run for the Republican Senate seat in the November 2022 election.

“Noted Connecticut resident, Dave McCormick, alleged to be living in Squirrel Hill, nowhere to be seen,” the man in the video says.

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McCormick is reportedly gearing up for a second run at a Senate bid after he narrowly losing to Oz in the primary, according to Reuters. Oz won the race with 31.2% of the vote or 419,999 votes while McCormick received 31.1% of the vote or 419,048 votes.

“Dave McCormick? Have you seen him,” the man asks a lady who responds, “Well…I… no. And I don’t think he really does live here.”

Another person says they are in the city, “99% percent of the time” and has “never seen that man.”

The man proceeds to walk around interviewing various people all of whom claim they have “never seen him” in the neighborhood of Squirrel Hill.

Would you vote for David McCormick for Senate?

Fetterman defeated Oz with 51.2% or 2,751,012 votes while Oz received 46.3% or 2,487,260 votes in the general election.

“Pennsylvania doesn’t want a carpet bagger,” a lady says in the video. “Squirrel Hill is kind of a neighborhood where everyone knows everyone else. I think if Dave McCormick was here, you’d know it.”

While McCormick has claimed he moved to Pennsylvania, Democratic officials have criticized recent reports that he continues to register his vehicles and pay taxes on them in Connecticut.

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