Firefighters Commend Young Boy Who Saved His Sister's Life


Kaycee Reid is alive today because of the heroic act of her brother, Kayden Reid.

During a family function, six-year-old Kayden Reid, saved his sister from getting hit by an oncoming car. Thankfully, both children survived, but Kayden was hit by that same car and had a short stay at the hospital, where he fully recovered.

Kayden and Kaycee Reid’s mother, Kayla Giles, told “Fox & Friends” on Monday, “By the time everybody else saw Kaycee, in the street, Kayden was right there … He ran right into the street to save her. But in the process of getting her out of the way, he got hit by the car.” 

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She continued to say how “we’re just thankful that we have both kids [home and safe] today.”

Public Information Officer Steven Millhouse who went to the scene made his own statement to “Fox & Friends,” saying, “The family reached out to us after we had responded to the scene and after we transported him to the hospital … The family reached out to us after this remarkable feat” by the young boy.

“He’s definitely a hero,” he said of Kayden Reid, adding, “He’s got the heart of a hero.”

“But as a six-year-old young man, for Kayden to be able to recognize what was happening and to react the way he did … He’s definitely a beacon for our future,” Millhouse said.

As a result of his heroic act, Kayden received a warm welcome from his local fire department after coming home from the hospital. He also got the privilege of touring on one of their fire trucks and even got a view from the driver’s seat.

Kayden had a message as well saying, “Thank you everyone for watching me.”

It is amazing how God can use children to show us what it looks like to be willing to sacrifice our own lives for those we love, just like Jesus Christ did for us on the cross. 1 John 3:16 tells us, “By this we know love, that He laid down his life for us, and we ought to lay down our lives for the brothers.”

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