Footage of Fauci Getting 'Destroyed' by American During Argument About COVID Vaccine Goes Viral


Dr. Anthony Fauci is going viral on social media after footage showed him speaking with an American about the COVID-19 vaccine.

“I’m not going to be lining up, taking a shot or vaccination for something that wasn’t clear in the first place,” the man said as Fauci stood at the bottom of a set of stairs.

He also raised the concern of how quickly the vaccine was created.

Fauci replied, “Well, it used to take years. But, you know how many years were invested in this approach? About 20 years of science to get us to be able to do it.”

The man continued to push back on the timeline.

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After the man brought up the flu, Fauci responded, “It’s much more serious than the flu.”

He added, “You know how many people died of the flu last year?… about 20 to 30,000. You know how many people have died from COVID-19 in the United States? Six hundred thousand Americans.”

When asked if he is passing on the vaccine, the man said, “Yeah, definitely.”

He added, “Your campaign is about fear. It’s about inciting fear in people.”

The video concludes with what appears to be Fauci applying hand sanitizer.

Watch the video below:

The Twitter user added a caption to the video, saying, “Fauci got destroyed. I can’t believe they actually let this footage see the light of day.”

Journalist Miranda Devine pointed out the footage is from “a PBS ode to Dr Fauci airing tomorrow night: Dr. Fauci and DC mayor Muriel Bowser go ‘door-to-door encouraging residents to receive the COVID-19 vaccine and combating vaccine hesistancy’. Premieres on Tuesday, March 21 at 8:00 p.m. on PBS.”

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One user suggested Fauci’s “first mistake was believing that all black people are stupid. His second mistake was thinking that all black people vote democrat and support democrat agendas. His third mistake was saying that ‘virtually no one’ died of flu during the pandemic. How is that so?”

Author Rodney Muterspaw replied, “When you have to bribe people with burger and fries to take a shot, there’s definitely something not right. Unbelievable stupidity coming from that time. Period.”

Radio host Clay Travis tweeted, “This is amazing. Dr. Fauci went knocking on doors trying to get people to get the covid shot. A man in one of the houses confronts him and explains why he won’t be getting the shot. We needed far more heroes like this over the past three years.”

The PBS documentary titled, “American Masters: Dr. Tony Fauci,” will air on Tuesday.

“I just felt that there needed to be a story of people understanding what public health officials go through, but also I hope as a source of inspiration for young people who are either in science or interested in going into science,” Fauci told The Associated Press.

The outlet noted Fauci allowed a film crew to document his career over a span of 23 months beginning in January 2021.

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