Former Director of Intelligence Agency Rails Against Trump: 'Four More Years Would Be Devastating'


Robert Cardillo, former director of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency and the Defense Intelligence Agency, is warning Americans if voters reelect President Donald Trump in November, the nation will suffer.

Cardillo penned a scathing op-ed in The Denver Post where he criticized Trump for his national security policy decisions and his failed coronavirus response.

He noted he had never voiced his opinion on any other president, until Trump.

“Since I have been eligible to vote, I have never registered with a political party. I remain an independent with a history of voting for candidates I believe in — I focused on their policy and not their party,” Cardillo wrote.

He added, “Before this election, I have never spoken out for or against a candidate for any office. But I can be silent no longer.”

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Cardillo went on to explain the American people have been “very well served by those they elected to fill critical national security positions.”

The one exception is Trump.

Cardillo detailed his experience with Trump and claimed the person Americans see during coronavirus press briefings is the same as the one in the privacy of his own office.

“He has little patience for facts or data that do not comport with his personal world view. Thus, the conversations are erratic and less than fully thoughtful,” Cardillo wrote.

He argued Trump’s relationship with Vladimir Putin “is an unprecedented betrayal of his oath to the Constitution.”

According to Cardillo, Trump’s leadership comes up “tragically short” and pointed to his failure to protect American soldiers and his belittlement of them.

He stressed Trump downplayed the coronavirus pandemic.

“And as damaging as his faulty leadership has been, four more years would be devastating,” Cardillo said.

He went on, “We must elect a thoughtful, moral, responsible, respectful leader on Nov. 3. Our current president is not that leader.”

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