Former Secret Service Member Doesn't Think Agents Would Be Allowed in Jail Cell With Trump


How did we get to the point where we are talking about a former president of the United States actually going to prison for asking a question?

Unlike in the federal system, where pardons can be issued by the president before a person has even been prosecuted, pardons in Georgia cannot be given before a conviction.

Additionally, since the Georgia indictment is for alleged state, not federal, crimes, the president is not able to issue a pardon, and neither can the governor of the state, according to Politico.

This means that there is a possibility that Trump may actually see the inside of a jail cell.

Former Secret Service agent Jim Rathmann said in an interview with Inside Edition that a former president going to prison would be a security nightmare for the Secret Service.

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“This has never been encountered before. This isn’t something that, you know, the Secret Service has prepared for previously. It’s never just even been a thought,” Rathmann told the outlet.

Although all former presidents are entitled by law to Secret Service protection for life, Rathmann said that “no policy or procedure currently exists” for a former president in prison.

“I don’t think someone’s gonna be sitting there with him in his jail cell by any means, but maybe when he gets out to get his hours of exercise or things such as that, I’m sure he’d have some sort of protection,” Rathmann said in the interview.

Would that be enough?

Do you think Donald Trump will go to jail?

This is Donald Trump, one of the most beloved but also most hated president — probably — in our history.

Have we forgotten Jeffrey Epstein and his curiously convenient suicide?

How are the logistics supposed to work around violent offenders upset over Trump’s “tough on crime” policies?

Or worse yet, are powers that be in high places afraid of his influence, even behind bars?

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According to the Inside Edition article, “Georgia state prisons are among the toughest in the nation.”

A former federal prosecutor interviewed by Inside Edition said that while Trump can theoretically be sent to prison, practically, it doesn’t seem possible.

But we have seen a lot of strange things that we never thought possible happen in the last few months.

If you feel this entire news cycle is like a nightmare inside a fever dream, you’re not the only one.

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