Former Warren Staffers Flock to Support Sanders as Ex-2020 Dem Stays Silent on Endorsement

Former presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren may be staying silent on her endorsement, but several of her former staffers are not.

Over 30 Warren campaign alumni signed a letter officially endorsing Sen. Bernie Sanders’ (I-Vt.) campaign. The letter outlines the values that the staffers are looking for in a candidate including policies for working families, marginalized communities and the environment.

The letter reads, “That’s why the best option for Warren Democrats right now is to support Bernie Sanders for President, in addition to fighting for Democratic victories across the board in Senate, House, and local races.”

Warren’s former regional organizing director tweeted, “We, the undersigned former alumni of Warren for President, are ready to get back in the fight for a progressive future by endorsing Bernie Sanders for President!”

The letter acknowledges the dilemma supporters may be facing in selecting a candidate to endorse.

“We also understand and respect that many Warren supporters are still processing their feelings as well,” the former staffers wrote, adding, “We urge them to take care of themselves first and we stand ready to welcome them back into the fight when they are ready.”

The letter surfaces less than a week after Warren announced her departure from the campaign trail.

Warren has been slow to endorse a candidate as several of her fellow former presidential hopefuls have placed their support behind former Vice President Joe Biden.

Warren has received encouragement to endorse Sanders from other Democrats, including New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, as IJR previously reported.

Sanders also received an endorsement from the Working Families Party, switching from Warren after she dropped out, as IJR previously reported.

The letter also comments on Warren’s next steps, as it reads, “Now that Elizabeth has told us that her campaign is concluded, we know that she is considering how to best continue the fight for big, structural change.”

It continues, “We respect that process and trust that she, as she always does, will do what is best to advance this movement.”

Biden came out on top over Sanders during Tuesday’s primaries, clinching a huge win in Michigan.

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  1. Hmm. Is “birds of a feather” or “misery loves company” more appropriate here?

    One wonders why these folks chose to work for Lizzie in the first place as the truer version of their ideology was always available with Bernie. They could have skipped the middle-loser and gone straight to the big one.

  2. Lots of things get clarified in our elections. Some of them take time.

    So Warren starts off her political career as a then-Republican but switches over to the light side and becomes a Democrat. She then makes a reputation for herself by getting her consumer protection policy passed DESPITE resistance from Obama and his administration. A masterful move, BUT Obama pays her back by not letting her head her own creation.

    During the 2016 election, Bernie Sanders tries to get her to run. She refuses, so Bernie runs. She does NOT endorse anyone. At the end, Clinton rrmains and THEN she endorses. Oh, how brave of her.

    Then she decides to get even more ambitious and run for our presidency and quickly releases a slew of progressive policies. Then she hires a bunch of Obama advisors. Big mistake! She backs away from the light side, breaks a number of promises (M4A, PAC funding), and starts losing support from voters.

    What did you expect, Warren?

    Now, when Bernie Sanders is on the ropes, she holds back her endorsement AGAIN! Typical of a typical politician.

      1. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.

        We will have to wait for someone to build on the movement that Bernie started to enact the changes that we need. For now, we are screwed.

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