Fox News Gives Huge Boost to 'Dark Brandon' on Day of GOP Debates


So, uh, what’s going on over at Fox News?

What was once considered a monolithic titan of conservative news has seemingly become a hollow shell of its former self (and appears to have also fallen back into the middle of the pack with its fellow establishment media companies), and the examples of that just keep on coming.

The latest, and perhaps most alarming, sign that Fox is veering dangerously close to CNN and MSNBC territory comes ahead of the ballyhooed Republican primary debate set for Wednesday night.

The day of the debates (which are also being hosted on Fox News, ironically), the beleaguered network will be featuring a pro-Joe Biden ad smack dab on what is effectively the “front page” of their website.

The ad features Biden’s satirical alter ego, “Dark Brandon,” with its trademark glowing red eyes, and reads: “Get real, Jack. I’m bringing Roe back.”

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Democrats loved the move, taking to social media to crow about the ad, which was also reported on by People.

“Love a good headline,” the post on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, from The Democrats read.

Should Fox News remove the Joe Biden ads?

Per People, not only will the Fox News ad be placed on the site all day today, Biden (or “Dark Brandon”) is also plastering his image and message on billboards across Milwaukee, where the Republican primary debate is set to take place.

So yes, it appears the historically unpopular incumbent president seeking re-election is going on the offensive against his Republican rivals.

That’s not exactly new or noteworthy — until you begin to ask yourself why Fox News is helping Biden with this ad placement.

The oddity of Fox News gleefully accepting campaign money from Team Biden is made all the worse with two facts:

One, it really feels like Fox is shooting itself in the foot with its hyped Republican debate tonight.

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Former President Donald Trump, who is arguably the feature attraction of the GOP primary candidates, already won’t be a part of these debates.

Instead, outlets like this one and People magazine are covering the ad on the site — not the big event itself.

Two, say whatever you want about Democratic ineptitude and Biden heartlessness, but abortion does appear to be a winnable (or at least debatable) issue for them.

In fact, an ad promising to bring back Roe v. Wade is actually the best messaging Democrats can muster right now.

They certainly can’t brag about the economy, gas prices or international relationships.

Given all that, it does appear that Fox News is willingly taking the shine off of its own Republican-focused event to help the Democratic president spread his most effective messaging.

It’s an odd move, to say the least.

For a platform that willingly launched the wildly beloved and popular Tucker Carlson into the proverbial sun, Fox News does not appear remotely finished in alienating its remaining fan base.

The Western Journal has reached out to Fox News for comment on the “Dark Brandon” ad running on their website. We did not receive a response in time for publication.

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