Fox News' Harris Faulkner Says She Was Asked to Leave a Restaurant for Praying


Fox News’ Harris Faulkner insists she was asked to leave a restaurant for bowing her head in prayer.

During a segment of “Fox News Tonight” Monday, Faulkner encouraged Americans not to shy away from their faith in public settings.

“For those of us who believe, we must be bold in our faith right now,” she implored viewers.

She continued, “When you gather in public spaces, pray thankfully over your food — even when the server gives you the stink eye or tells the manager that your peaceful grace is triggering them.”

Faulkner added, “[I] had it happen to me. I’ve been asked to leave a restaurant for openly bowing my head in prayer hands. In America!”

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However, she said, “It’s all good. They don’t deserve my money anyway.”

Watch the video below:

She did not explicitly name the restaurant.

At a separate point in the show, Faulkner called for more patriotism in the country.

“The Lord has determined I am a woman. And my pronouns are U.S.A,” she said.

Faulkner continued, “Our nation’s soul is at stake. And we really only have a couple of choices, three, really: We can be bad at protecting the greatest nation on the Earth. We can be average at protecting the greatest nation on the Earth.”

“Or we can be elite at protecting the greatest nation on Earth. We know who we are. And we know whose we are,” she added.

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Finally, she said, “My faith determines my values. And I hope you’re living by your values and what brings you joy and peace and love.”

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