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Fox News Hosts Defend Chris Wallace After Trump Tweet

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Fox News hosts are taking a stand and defending Chris Wallace against President Donald Trump’s latest disapproving remarks.

On Sunday, Fox News hosts Jedediah Bila, Guy Benson, and Brit Hume took to Twitter in Wallace’s defense after Trump criticized his reporting.

Trump criticized the Fox network for Wallace’s report, and the hosts aren’t in agreement with the president’s stance.

Bila fired back referring to Trump’s tweet as “third-grade name-calling” in defense of Wallace’s report. She also noted that a news network shouldn’t be considered “any president’s friend, ally, or buddy.”

“Enough with the 3rd grade name-calling. Chris is doing his job. The news should not be any president’s friend, ally, or buddy. If it bothered you when Obama complained about Fox News, but you’re silent on this complete nonsense, then just stop. Seriously. Enough.”

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Check out the other hosts’ tweets:

Fox News hosts’ comments follow Trump’s blasting tweet aimed toward Wallace in response to his news coverage on Sunday.

During a segment, Wallace referenced a report from The New York Times on the delayed response to the coronavirus and posed the question: “How much did those lost weeks cost us?”

Over the last month, multiple news outlets —which Trump has referred to as fake news— have questioned whether or not the Trump administration’s delayed response efforts have contributed to the rapid spread of the outbreak.

The president has placed blame on China and the World Health Organization while news outlets have posed the same question Wallace did. In response to Wallace’s report, Trump fired back with a tweet.

“Just watched Mike Wallace wannabe, Chris Wallace, on [FoxNews.] I am now convinced that he is even worse than Sleepy Eyes Chuck Todd of Meet the Press(please!), or the people over at Deface the Nation. What the hell is happening to [FoxNews.] It’s a whole new ballgame over there!”

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Despite the criticism Trump has faced, he has insisted his administration has done a great job handling the coronavirus.

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