Did Fox News Utterly Humiliate MSNBC Hosts at Tree Lighting? Are Lefty News Hacks Greedy Grifters?


One of the things I decided over this recent Christmas season was that I would ignore the growing specter of the paganization of Christmas, er, “the holidays,” and just focus on Jesus and family.

And I tried to discard the commercialization, which has long been a problem. “Santa, Baby,” came on my radio and I turned it off  (just hearing the first few notes kept that stupid song in my mind).

But I decided to just ignore that stuff.

Problem is, it’s everywhere.

There was paganization and commercialization at MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” as Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough discussed a beautiful, tall evergreen tree awaiting a formal lighting.

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It was not a Christmas tree. It was not even a holiday tree. Rather, it was referred to as the Comcast commerce tree.

The Comcast commerce tree! GAG!

Brzenzinski: “Look how pretty the tree looks! I love it!”

Scarborough: “You know I’m always [unintelligible] when the Comcast commerce tree gets put up.”

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Brzenzinski: “There’s a big lighting on Wednesday night!”

Scarborough: “ It’s a really… that’s fantastic. People are swept in the spirit of the holidays and go inside and start putting down credit cards and cash for the NBC experience store.”

Brzenzinski: “And that — get a Morning Joe mug.”

Scarborough: “It’s because of the Comcast commerce tree.”

Brzenzinski: “We love that!”

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No, some us don’t. A tree with naming rights sold, coupled with urges to put down credit cards and cash for NBC merch. Ugh!

There was a different air at Fox News, which not only celebrated the families of on-air and off-air Fox staff but talked of teaming with the Police Athletic League of New York City to give 500 gifts to needy families.

Their telecast included hosts of “The Five” lighting the all-American Christmas tree.

Regarding the Police Athletic League project, “The Five” co-host Judge Jeanine Pirro said: “But you know what I loved about the whole thing, I mean, it was great coming together as a company and as a family that we are, but even more than that, giving gifts to the kids from PAL which is a great organization for after-school programs for kids.

“And it’s one of those things that PAL recognizes, the need for a lot of kids to be able to do things after school because they get into trouble sometimes,” Pirro said.

Lauding staff of the “The Five” for doing volunteer work in cold weather in addition to excellent television production, Pirro said of the off-air people. “It’s not all about us,” a sentiment echoed by co-host Dana Perino.

But even at Fox, the pagan/commercialization Grinch sometimes lurks in the background. Ventured “The Five” co-host Harold Ford, “Can we say this? Merry Christmas?”

Which was followed by most, if not all of the hosts joining in to say “Merry Christmas!”

And there was not a credit card in sight.

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