GA Democrat Vernon Jones Claims He Was Attacked By 'Left-Wing Mob' Leaving GOP Convention


Georgia State Rep. Vernon Jones (D) is criticizing the “liberal media” as he is claiming he was attacked by a “left-wing” mob after the final night of the Republican National Convention.

On Sunday evening, Jones took to Twitter to reflect on his interaction with counter-protesters as he claimed he was “ambushed” for supporting President Donald Trump.

He tweeted, “I was ambushed leaving the White House by a left-wing mob for proudly supporting [Donald Trump]. I won’t watch my country be destroyed by [Joe Biden]. [Kamala Harris]. [Speaker Pelosi]. [Sen Schumer] and radical Democrats.”

In the video message, Jones raised questions about the “liberal media” as wondered why no one has reached out to him or others who were confronted as they left the White House on Thursday evening.

“Where is the liberal media? Why haven’t they reached out to me and the others and allowed us to share our experiences of the threats that we experienced so the American people can see first hand what happened?” Jones said in the video posted to Twitter.

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He added, “But they won’t because they support, with the Democrats and Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, destruction of our cities.”

According to Jones, Democrats want demolition as a way to place blame on the president.

“They want to see it demolished so they can blame it on Donald Trump,” Vernon said. “If this had been the other way around, and Biden supporters were attacked by Trump supporters, it would have been all over the network.”

See Vernon’s remarks below:

Jones’ remarks come amid ongoing civil unrest in multiple cities across the United States.

Over the last three months, officer-involved shootings have led to heightened racial tension, prompting more discussions about police reform, racial inequality, and systemic racism. In Portland, Oregon, protests and riots have continued for more than 90 days consecutively.

Although Trump has opted to blame Democrats for civil unrest taking place, many Democratic lawmakers have reminded the president that these occurrences are happening on his watch. Trump has been accused of “fanning the flames of hate and division in our society.”

The president’s current stance comes as a stark contradiction compared to his previous criticism of former President Barack Obama.

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While Trump now insists he should not be held accountable for the unrest in states across the country, he previously blamed Obama amid protests and riots that erupted following the death of Freddie Gray who died while in the custody of the Baltimore Police Department.

At the time, Trump took to Twitter and sounded off on the former president because the unrest occurred on his watch.

Trump also urged Obama to “bring both sides together” to quell the unrest. Now, Biden has condemned violence in Portland and has challenged Trump to do the same.

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