George Conway Characterizes Trump as an ‘Enemy of the Truth’

George Conway is labeling President Donald Trump as one of the most pathological liars in the history of the United States.

Conway tore into Trump over his record with the truth in an op-ed published in The Washington Post.

“I believe Donald Trump is an enemy of truth. I believe he’s a con man, a pathological liar — now the most prodigiously documented liar in American history, if not the history of the world,” Conway wrote.

He added, “I believe he doesn’t care about, and may not even fully comprehend, the difference between truth and lies, between honesty and mendacity. I believe he has always said what he wants to believe, what he wants others to believe, and what he thinks he can get away with, and always will.”

Conway called the president “a danger to democracy and the rule of law” because he was “a danger to truth.”

He explained Trump’s lies were not the only ones harmful to the nation.

“Equally harmful, if not more so, were the lies that allowed him to flourish — not just others’ repetition of his lies, but also lies that many told themselves and others to justify not contradicting him,” Conway continued.

He expressed his gratitude for those who are now speaking out against Trump.

Conway explained he “wanted to believe” Trump could be a “good president.”

He went on, “I wanted to believe that, because I believed in many of the policies he, his party and his administration have professed to believe in. I still believe in many of these policies, even though Trump’s incompetence and perfidy have discredited them.”

Conway predicted Trump will be remembered as the “worst” president the United States has ever had.

He wrote Trump’s efforts to challenge the election results “were the metastasis of his moral deficiencies and psychological disorders.”

Conway expressed his confidence in President-elect Joe Biden and his ability to “serve America well.”

He concluded, “I believe we should pray for our new president, and pray for our country.”

Biden will be sworn into office on Wednesday.


  1. FINALLY, someone (George Conway) defined RINO. It is a Republican registered voter that believes in “truth, democracy and the rule of law.” The question NOW is will the believers in “truth, democracy and the rule of law,” rejoin the R party when Trump’s “Patriot Party” is launched.

    According to George’s oped that Savannah graciously provided us, with 12 hours to go, Trump’s lie total reached 30,558 over the course of 1,460 days. That is an average of 20.9 lies per day in office. Keep in mind that it is still a untrue even if it is what you wish to hear.

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