Giuliani Responds To Accusations He Was Drunk During 9/11 Speech


Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani denied he was drunk during a speech on the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks.

Several Twitter users questioned whether he was drunk after he delivered a rambling, nearly incoherent speech.

During a Sunday interview with, Giuliani told the publication, “Yes I had a Scotch. But I was not drunk. There is a deliberate attempt [by] the left wing to paint me that way.”

Giuliani also said he was not mocking Queen Elizabeth during the speech when he spoke in a fake English accent and said, “You did a wonderful job on Sept. 11. And therefore I’m making you an honorary knight, commander of the royal something or other.”

He added, “That was a serious speech. To say I mocked anybody is outrageous. And that I was drunk is completely, completely wrong.”

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Giuliani reiterated he was not drunk, saying, “I am not a drunk. I don’t think I’ve ever [been] publicly drunk in my life. The last time I was – was probably in college. I like to drink Scotch and have cigars. That’s where it probably comes from.”

He continued, “I drink moderate amounts of Scotch. I mostly drink Scotch because I like to have it with cigars. I didn’t have a cigar last night. And this is a caricature that the left is trying to put on me … I can’t remember the last time that I was drunk. And I’m not just going to put up with it anymore. I’ve got to do something about it.”

The publication pressed Giuliani on a comment he made to NBC last month where he said he did not have a drinking problem and called himself “functioning.”

The former New York City mayor said he is “not an alcoholic. I use the word functioning, I don’t know why I used the word functioning. I am not an alcoholic. I am 77 years old. I’ve never been an alcoholic. I’ve never been treated for alcoholism. I have worked every day of my life. The longest time I ever took off was for COVID.”

Claiming he would be “fricking dead by now” if he was an alcoholic, Giuliani explained, “It is [a] complete lie. I’m on television all the time. I’m as lucid as you can be. I’m not demented like Joe Biden. I can go before the Supreme Court … I have already many times. I write. I do a podcast twice a week. I do a radio show … five times a week.”

He went on, “I answer questions from people constantly. I’m probably one of the sharpest guys you’re ever going to meet. And you want to put me in a court room and I’ll kick the s*** out of anybody. I am not an alcoholic.”

Watch part of his speech below:

According to New York Times journalist Maggie Haberman, the dinner took place at one of the Cipriani restaurants in New York City.

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