Whoopi Goldberg Hits Coverage of Biden's Latest Gaffe: 'She Passed Last Month, Not Like 100 Years Ago'


“The View” co-host Whoopi Goldberg is defending President Joe Biden as reporters are asking about an unfortunate blunder.

On Thursday, the talk show’s panelists discussed reporters’ decision to press White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre about why the president was looking for the late Rep. Jackie Walorski (R-Ind.) at a White House event.

“Yesterday, the White House addressed a gaffe from President Biden at a conference on hunger, nutrition, and health where he asked for a representative who died in a car accident last month,” Goldberg said.

The show then played a montage of reporters asking Jean-Pierre about the gaffe.

“You know, my gosh. Come on. You can’t go after him for not giving aid to Florida, or not tackling the infrastructure. He’s giving aid to Ukraine. So you can’t go after him for that. But you can go after him for forgetting that someone has passed,” Goldberg said, taking aim at the media.

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She went on, “And she passed last month, not like a hundred years ago, OK? Cause we dealt with that as well where we have people say that person who died 100 years ago did a great job.”

Watch the video below:

Co-host Joy Behar chimed in, “Well, remember Trump thought Frederick Douglass was still alive.”

Meanwhile, Sara Haines suggested Biden may have experienced a “brain fart.”

It is not exactly clear where Goldberg was going with her comment about Walorski’s death being a month ago, as opposed to 100 years ago.

Part of the reason so many reporters peppered Jean-Pierre with questions about the gaffe is that Walorski’s death was recent — and her family is scheduled to visit the White House on Friday.

Walorski was, at least according to Biden’s statement on her death, involved in the planning of his conference on Wednesday.

Perhaps his comments would have gone without notice if he was referring to someone who had retired from Congress, essentially disappeared from the public eye, and then passed away of natural causes several years ago. That is a situation where it would be entirely conceivable that he did not see the news or, in the moment, had a “brain fart” and forgot about the news of someone’s passing.

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It would also be problematic if he was looking for someone who died 100 years ago to be at the event.

One bizarre aspect of this latest gaffe is that Biden’s supporters seem determined to defend him and act as though there is nothing unusual about what happened.

It probably would have been better if they simply admitted it was a tragic mistake and moved on.

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