Graham: Minimum Wage Hike Has ‘Nothing to Do With COVID’

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) says the effort by Democrats to increase the federal minimum wage has nothing to do with the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The minimum wage has nothing to do with COVID, zero to do with COVID. It’s got everything to do with their liberal wishlist,” Graham said on Wednesday.

Watch his comments below:

Democratic lawmakers introduced a bill in January to increase the federal minimum wage to $15 per hour by 2025, as IJR reported.

“Let’s be clear. The $7.25 an hour federal minimum wage is a starvation wage,” Sanders said in a statement.

He added, “No person in America can make it on $8, $10, or $12 an hour. In the United States of America a job must lift workers out of poverty, not keep them in it. […] We can no longer tolerate millions of workers not being able to afford to feed their families or pay the rent. The time for talk is over. No more excuses.”

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki told reporters earlier this month Biden is “firmly committed to raising the minimum wage to $15.”

She explained, “He believes any American who is working a full-time job, trying to make ends meet, should not be at the poverty level. It’s important to him that the minimum wage is raised.”

Sens. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) and Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) announced on Tuesday their plans to introduce a bill to raise the minimum wage to $10, as IJR reported.

The legislation would ensure the wage increase only applies to legal workers.

“We must create opportunities for American workers and protect their jobs, while also eliminating one of the key drivers of illegal immigration,” Romney said.

Cotton said in his own statement, “American workers today compete against millions of illegal immigrants for too few jobs with wages that are too low—that’s unfair.”

He added, “Ending the black market for illegal labor will open up jobs for Americans. Raising the minimum wage will allow Americans filling those jobs to better support their families. Our bill does both.”


  1. The Democrats have been trying to pass a laundry list of legislation that they failed to pass over the years by attaching it to the stimulus bill. Pelosi tried to do this last year, holding up passage for 8 months, then attempting the blame Republicans. Lying, cheating, corrupt Democrats never fail to take advantage of a crisis to get what they want. Mad King Biden used the stimulus to take control of the Senate and Congress, then he backed out. Two months, still no checks, (“they will roll out the door immediately”). People need to realize that every word that comes out of Democrats or their state media is a lie. They want to fund all their pet projects and bail out Blue states that squandered hundreds of $Billions to buy votes. At the same time they want to shut down the economy that’s needed to pay the bills and raise prices/eliminate jobs during this pandemic. Mad King Biden is also sending the majority of the vaccines to the Blue states, while Red states are getting very little. Here in MT, the Mad King targeted the Blue city of Missoula (1000+ per week) and tribes to get the majority of the federal vaccines. The rest of the communities get 20 or 30 vaccines.

  2. Who thinks Genitally Confused has a crush on me or is just a stalker. He quotes me and has created a special name just for me.
    But just to clarify I have traveled extensively and found that Europeans think of Americans as pampered and blessed. But don’t appreciate it.
    Both of my adult children had jobs at minimum wage and it wasn’t even $7.25. One now owns his own successful business and daughter is an engineer.
    I enjoy debunking the words of a spotlight seeker.

    1. You STILL have an extensive unbroken record of having added nothing of substance to any conversation that I can remember. Only a few IJR members have been able to accomplish that, Sharal, including the champ, Lying Paul The Emeffer.

      The point was NOT how much you traveled abroad. My point was more about how much or what you have learned while traveling, which obviously in not very much. Typical.

    2. I also had a $7.25 minimum wage job. I even had a $5.15 an hour job for awhile before it was raised.

      Back then, things were cheaper. If you’re going to pretend that only kids work minimum wage jobs then wouldn’t you also say that a kid in 2005 should get the same valued compensation for the same work done in 2021?

      Your “debunking” falls hilariously short and more just shows again how out of touch you are with reality.

  3. All right, Lindsey! Give ’em hell.
    Why do the idiots need a $1.9 trill? They still have $1 trill left from their last COVID bill. Tired of the Dumbocraps funding their special projects with OUR TAXES.
    And the $15? More automation, more self check outs, hours cut, benefits cut, workloads increased, prices raised, no more tips, raises for ALL other workers, and of course, inflation for all. Thanks, Dems. Another successful plan!

    1. Business people will cut services offered to the public and benefits they extend to employees, as much as they can. Why not? Reducing expenses is one of the keys to being successful in business, and each enterprise is in competition with every other one to squeeze out a profit, or go under. If there was no minimum wage, you’d see people working for $4, and putting their kids to work to bring in a living income for the family. That’s how it was a hundred years ago.

      1. Dilbert – Please show your proof and stop projecting your sick dreams. Even the fast food businesses pay way over $7.25. If you want to see who really undermines the wages in America, look no further than your main concern, the illegals. They will work for $5.00 and under while living in a garage, shack, car or in group homes, all the while getting subsistence and free medical care. Democrat operatives create fake documents for them so they can get everything including the ability to vote. They get paid under the table and contribute nothing to the country. All this was going on in the house I presently live in. After we moved in we received the renewal forms for all the benefits they were getting. I had to field phone calls and mail (2009-2014) for the Democrat puke that had been providing the fake documents as she was on the run from the state of MT.

        I witnessed illegals at Home Depot and Lowes in CA waiting to be picked up for day labor. I watched over 40 of them pick strawberries for 10 hours in Irvine with no porta pottie. They crap where they pick. Ever wonder why periodically the CDC tells everyone to throw away produce and fruit? The landscaping, yard maintenance, home services have all been taken over by illegals in CA and elsewhere. Others used to perform these services years ago, but have been replaced by illegals. It’s like that in all the sanctuary states. Democrats love their cheap labor while calling for $15 minimum wage. They play both sides for votes. Lying, cheating, corrupt Democrats.

        1. What a bunch of revelations! And all this time, I thought it was so-called conservatives who crapped in other people’s food and complained they weren’t getting enough good stuff. Oh, wait…

  4. Minimum wage isn’t supposed to be a “living” wage. It’s a starting wage for those just getting into the job market. If you’re working for minimum wage either you’re a teenager or someone that needs to desperately improve their job skills. There should not even be a minimum wage. Let the job market determine what wages are. Those companies that don’t pay enough will have a hard time finding workers.

    1. Minimum wage is what a lot of people wind up getting, for decade after decade. One of the characteristics of poor people is they tend not to improve their skills and get to compete with better workers for more valued jobs. The poor will always be with us, and we depend on them to remain poor and do the lousy work on lousy terms. A modern capitalist system can’t function without a good supply of poor folk. The system is obliged to make their lives decent and respected, while their career is one of working forever at “starting” wages.

      It might seem fair to let the job market determine the value of workers, but keep in mind that the capitalist class sets the rules on that market. The rules always favor the owners, and being the winner is not the same as being virtuous.

  5. Rep Mo Khanna in Calif (elitist bas*ard) says small businesses who can’t afford the $15 deserve to be shut down. Of course, rich socialists don’t give a crap about capitalism!
    Ben Stein just wrote an article about the disaster of the $15 wage. Read it.
    Ask any waiter/waitress: $15 or tips? They will ALL say tips.
    Businesses will automate, cut hours, cut benefits, make you self-check out, and raise prices. Guarantee you get WAY less tips when people know you make $15/he. Our military troops don’t make much more and they suffer long absences from home and family as well as danger. Maybe they’ll want to flip burgers instead. How about those folks making $15-$18 now, like EMTs? Let’s see: risking your life, OTJ injuries, night shifts, human filth: flipping burgers. Who’s gonna have to pay all those wage increases? Think you folks in the nursing home aide business (seriously the hardest, most back-breaking, most thankless and absolutely DISGUSTING job in the universe)-God knows you deserve a raise, but you know you’ll be assigned even MORE patients! You know it’s true!
    And of course, the thing Democrats are too stupid to know and too elitist to care: inflation. When people make more money, prices ALWAYS go up…….and there goes your raise. Plus there goes our money, too. And a minimum wage of $15 in New York is nothing. In Louisiana, it’s a fortune that no one can afford to pay.

  6. “Let’s be clear. The $7.25 an hour federal minimum wage is a starvation wage,” Sanders said in a statement.

    Sanders and Biden! Two of the many career politicians who have never worked a real job or starved in their money grabbing life.
    This isn’t the time to make this their most pressing issue. Since many would be glad to work for $7.25 if businesses could open.

    1. Have you lived in a cave? Sanders has been championing this for years.

      I highly doubt parents would be happy working $7.25. That would barely even cover daycare for a single child. They might even lose money with that wage just on daycare alone. Good lord you’re out of touch.

      1. If the workers haven’t the skills to be paid more than why should anyone hire them? I worked several minimum wage jobs, as many as three at one time, until I developed the skills necessary to get a better paying job. There should be no minimum wage.

        1. You’re making alot of assumptions about jobs that pay less than $15 an hour.

          Additionally, the same skillset actually made more in the past because minimum wage hasn’t adjusted for inflation. That doesn’t even factor in how much more productivity is offered by workers doing the same skill than in the past.

          I also worked multiple minimum wage jobs when i was younger. That same money today wouldn’t get me as far as it did when i was working those jobs.

      2. Penis – Perhaps, if you wanted to raise wages, you could get rid of the illegals that undermine the wages everywhere lying, cheating, corrupt Democrats are in control, sanctuary cities. Nobody’s going to pay someone $15 an hour if there’s a flood of people that will work for $5.00 or less. If someone has a family and they can only get a job earning $7.25 an hour, they obviously don’t have any skills or knowledge. Do you really expect an employer to pay someone with no qualifications that much? Would you? I think not. Do you have a business? Do you start off basic employees at $15 an hour? No! You come on here and elsewhere talking out your ass about wages. You’re one of the Democrat dildos that think everyone is entitled to anything they want for free, just because they were born. $7.25 is for bagging groceries, sweeping up and other very basic jobs. A person can get $15 an hour for flipping a sign on a road crew. Sanders the Socialist, like every Democrat at the debates, tried to get votes through giveaways. Free college, free healthcare for non- achievers and penalize workers and business owners to pay for it. Way to destroy an economy.

        1. Actually, i think any company employing illegals should have horribly debilitating repercussions such as fines or jail to deter a companies from employing. Illegals will always get across the border now matter how big your wall is – so target those taking advantage of it.

          I don’t believe everyone is entitled to wages because they are born. I’m not even a major fan of $15 minimum wage. I am however, supportive of people today getting the same value for the same work I did when i was younger. Why are you so entitled to believe the work you did as a new entry to the job market was worth so much more than workers today? Who exactly is the entitled one here?

    2. Yes, Phoenix, Sharal is the result of voluntary American isolationism. If she traveled the world more, she would be a better person.

      “This isn’t the time to make this their most pressing issue.” Sharal

      Yes, it is, Sharal. If the Democrats don’t fight for the American worker RIGHT NOW, the chances of them raising the minimum wage AT ALL this term is next to zero. It is imperative that this get done immediately.

      1. I don’t think traveling the world is necessary. 😉

        Maybe just setting asside old assumptions and listening/reading about other experiences in the US right now would suffice.

        1. Being isolated in one country and having no curiousity leads millions of us to have a distorted opinion about how things in this country SHOULD work. In other words, they don’t have to change if they are ignorant.

          1. General, not everyone has the means to travel the world. Sheesh.

            Reading or just talking to those around you who have different backgrounds is plenty sufficient.

  7. Hey Graham! Conservatives in red states haven’t had a basic wage increase in over ten years, either. I know that you don’t give a shit about liberals in your own state, but don’t you even care about all of the covfefians?

    1. You don’t make a living on minimum wage. If you are a good worker, chances are the raise will be higher than the minimum wage. General you are constantly confused

      1. If the $15 minimum wage was implemented in 2009 AND indexed to inflation, when it SHOULD have been done, we would be in a MUCH more healthy economy.

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