Graham Rips Biden’s Plan To Withdraw From Afghanistan: ‘A Disaster in the Making’

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) is blasting President Joe Biden‘s plans to withdraw the remaining U.S. forces from Afghanistan by Sept. 11, warning that is a “disaster in the making.”

“If reports are accurate that President Biden is withdrawing all forces from Afghanistan by September of this year, it is a disaster in the making. A full withdrawal from Afghanistan is so irresponsible, it makes the Biden Administration policies at the border look sound,” Graham said in a statement on Tuesday.

He continued, “A full withdrawal from Afghanistan is dumber than dirt and devilishly dangerous. President Biden will have, in essence, canceled an insurance policy against another 9/11. A residual counterterrorism force would be an insurance policy against the rise of radical Islam in Afghanistan that could pave the way for another attack against our homeland or our allies.”

He also said that the “intelligence assessment of a complete withdrawal is very dire,” as he added he hoped military officials advised against the moved.”

“I know what is most likely to happen: a reigniting of the Afghan Civil War and reversing all gains for Afghan women and children. The void created by this fight benefits ISIS and al Qaeda, who still reside in Afghanistan. The American military footprint in Afghanistan today is 2,500 troops. Those brave American men and women are an insurance policy against another 9/11. I think it is insane to withdraw at this time given the conditions that exist on the ground in Afghanistan. I know people are frustrated, but wars don’t end because you’re frustrated. Wars end when the threat is eliminated.”

Finally, he said, “Now we have, on the 20th anniversary of 9/11, the complete withdrawal in spite of all the intelligence assessments. I find it ironic that, given the sacrifices we’ve made to move Afghanistan forward, prevent another 9/11, and ensure the enduring defeat of al Qaeda and ISIS, that on the 20th anniversary of the attack we’re paving the way for another attack.”

Graham also claimed that the withdrawal would send “a signal of incredible weakness to adversaries like al Qaeda, ISIS, Hezbollah, China, Russia, and Iran.”

His statement comes after officials confirmed that Biden plans to withdraw the roughly 2,500 U.S. troops in Afghanistan.

“After a rigorous policy review, President Biden has decided to draw down the remaining troops in Afghanistan and finally end the U.S. war there after 20 years,” an administration official told reporters, adding, “There is no military solution to the problems plaguing Afghanistan, and we will focus our efforts on supporting the ongoing peace process.”

Biden’s plan could keep U.S. forces in Afghanistan beyond the May 1 deadline for withdrawal in the ongoing peace process. The Taliban threatened to resume attacks on foreign troops if they were still in the country after that date.


  1. Biden’s foreign policy decisions were consistently wrong when he was VP. He even opposed taking out bin Laden which Obama approved. Now he’s repeating the pattern.

  2. Disagree Graham. We need to move all US Forces out. We have lost so many people in that region. Let the people fight their own battles.

  3. Um, this was Trump’s plan to have troops out of Afghanistan by May. Its that deal with the Taliban that has put Biden in this position

    1. No matter who’s idea, (and I personally can’t stand Graham) he is right on this one judging from history. The Russians was over there for what 20 years? Just guessing at how long, but a long time & when they pulled out didn’t take long before they hit the twin towers. They will no doubt do it again. They will always be on the look out for ways to attack us given the opportunity, but if not us it will be someone. You know how they are they will find the weakest ones and attack cowardly. Remember these are not men, they are pure cowards. One of the sorriest blood lines in existence.

    2. As Tim’s post indicates, R’s don’t care who is responsible for the plan. You will recall that on Dec 14th, 2008 GW Bush SIGNED AND ANNOUNCED the Status Forces Agreement for all combat troops to be out of Iraq by Dec. 31, 2011. The announcement was hard to forget since an Iraqi journalist threw his shoe at Bush. Senators Graham and McCain ran around with their hair on fire blaming Obama for announcing the date of withdraw. Not only had Bush announced it, the SFA was passed by the Iraqi Parliament PRIOR to the signing. FOX New told its audience that it was Obama and THAT is what the audience wished to hear.

      1. Syphilis – You idiot. “After a rigorous policy review, President Biden has decided to draw down the remaining troops in Afghanistan and finally end the U.S. war there after 20 years,” There goes your argument. The Mad King is bragging about ‘his’ plan. Just like he bragged about pressuring Zelenski, using Ukraine funding, to get a prosecutor, that was investigating Burisma, fired, until it interfered with the first fake impeachment of Trump, where Democrats LIED about the contents of the phone call. It would appear that the Mad King takes credit for everyone else’s plan until it bites him in the ass. Just like he took credit for the Covid19 vaccines and their distribution. Just like he plagiarized his way through law school until he got caught. Mommy and Daddy must have spent a lot of money to keep in school. Then, he plagiarized his opponent’s and other’s speeches during his first Presidential campaign until he was caught and had to drop out. Oh yes, your Mad King has been a cheater all his life, including the last election.

        Perhaps you’ve forgotten that the great and wonderful Obamanation bragged about keeping his campaign promise to bring the troops home. Perhaps you’ve forgotten that it was the Obamanation that funded the ISIS startup and supplied 90% of their weapons. Feel free to do a search. Those reports and videos are still there. I’m sure Mad King Biden the Usurper and Divider will fund and equip a resurgence of the Talaban once our troops are gone. Democrats love chaos and crisis to divert attention away from their screw-ups.

        Your silly comments are worthless lies that are meaningless.

        1. Dumbassrats are born to lie and cheat and I can’t stand to be in the same room with one of the cheating SOB’s !!!!!

        2. I can never tell if you are what FOX News and Sidney Powell perceive to be unreasonable people that believe their information, live in a world where you don’t like the facts so you reject them, or intend your posts to be satire.
          1. Biden could not have been bragging about “pressuring Zelensky,” when Zelensky was not elected President of Ukraine until April, 2019.
          2. Shokin WASN’T investigating Burisma, or any other company run by oligarchs that backed Poroshenko. If you perceive there was an investigation, WHAT IS IT that you perceive he found?
          3. Plagiarizing appears to be a serious crime in your estimation and I am certain you have never done it. Have you looked at Trump’s rap sheet BEFORE taking office? FINES for every business he was in, LAW SUITS for fraud, non-payment of services rendered by partners, contractors and hundreds of employees. You do recall that Trump Foundation has been shutdown under government supervision? How about the $22 million settlement for defrauding Trump U students?
          4. If you perceive Trump’s handling of the pandemic or as he called it “Democrat hoax” was praiseworthy, you are in the MINORITY of Americans. 40.4% approval to 56.8% disapproval is the average of many polls.

          5. Yes, I have forgotten that Obama funded ISIS startup. What is your research that I missed?
          6. WHAT exactly is the goal of continuing the war in Afghanistan for 20 MORE years?

    3. Um, Penis, please read again what the Mad King said, “After a rigorous policy review, President Biden has decided to draw down the remaining troops in Afghanistan and finally end the U.S. war there after 20 years,” He says it’s his plan, a rigorous review, get it? He’s taking credit for another of Trump’s plans, that is, until it bites him in the ass. Syphilis is already blaming Trump, shielding Mad King Biden the Usurper and Divider. Silly, gullible Democrat puppets will be making excuses, as Democrats did when bringing home the troops from Iraq, funding ISIS, supplying 90% of their weapons, bit the Obamanation in the ass. You and they believe everything the Democrat State Media says.

      1. My comment was in regards to Graham’s criticism. I don’t much care for Biden’s spin either. I’m more expecting this to come back and bite us – then both Biden and Trump will be to blame.

      2. Also actual quote from Biden’s speech:

        “When I came to office, I inherited a diplomatic agreement duly negotiated between the government of the United States and the Taliban that all U.S. forces would be out of Afghanistan by May 1, 2021… It’s perhaps not what I would have negotiated myself, but it was an agreement made by the United States Government, and that means something.”

        Acknowledging previous admin role and stating he will honor it. You know how I know YOUR quote is bogus? Because only President Trump talked about himself in third person.

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