Lindsey Graham Vows to Find out How ‘This Crap’ Started With Senate Investigations

As the Senate’s impeachment trial of President Donald Trump looks likely to come to a close this week, Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) said that a “day of reckoning is coming.”

In an interview with Fox Business’ Maria Bartiromo on Sunday, Graham said the Senate will launch several investigations into former Vice President Joe Biden, and into the origins of several investigations into Trump. 

“The day of reckoning is coming for Congressional and Senate oversight of Joe Biden and the FISA warrant process,” Graham said.

“As [House Democrats] talk to [John Bolton], I’m going to bring in State Department officials and ask them, ‘Why didn’t you do something about the obvious conflict of interest Joe Biden had?’” Graham later said.

Watch the interview below: 

Graham has previously called for an investigation into Biden to probe whether there was a conflict of interest in his son, Hunter Biden, being appointed to the board of a Ukrainian energy company while he was the vice president.

Graham claimed there had not been a thorough investigation of the matter. However, USA Today reports that Joe Biden acted in accordance with U.S. policy with regards to his actions in Ukraine.

Biden has admitted that it “looked bad” for his son to accept the position while he was in office, but denied that there was any wrongdoing. 

Additionally, Graham said he would call several former officials from the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation to answer questions about the origins of the investigation of Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign. 

“When it comes to FISA, I’m going to call Rosenstein, Sally Yates, McCabe, and Comey to find out how a warrant was issued against Carter Page on four different occasions without an adequate foundation. And find out how the Department of Justice and FBI became so out of bounds when it came to Trump.”

Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz testified late last year that there were several errors in applications for FISA surveillance warrants of Page, as IJR has previously reported

Horowitz said there was evidence of political bias, but added that his team did not determine whether that bias influenced the investigation.

Graham also said that Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr (R-N.C) vowed to call the whistleblower — who filed the complaint that led to the impeachment inquiry — to testify. 

“Why is it important? I want to find out how all this crap started,” Graham said, suggesting that the whistleblower could have had ulterior motives for filing the complaint.

Graham said the investigations could begin within the next several weeks. 


  1. Sherri: DOJ do something about corruption?

    You do realize who heads the DOJ today, right? How can YOU expect him to do anything about corruption when HE wants to be Dear Leader’s kingmaker?

    Barr has no interest in STOPPING the corruption! Whatever would have given you THAT idea?

    1. NOW you’re a mind reading Fascist? WTF do you know about what AG Barr is interested in doing? He has so much deep state corruption from Marxist #44’s abysmal reign that that should keep him busy for years to come.

  2. We know how it started Lindsey. Now we want the DOJ to do something about the corruption! Over 30M spent on a Russia hoax and now this latest BS. I didn’t think I could have less respect for our government, you know, those employees that are to be working for us not their political allies. People like Comey, McCabe, Brennan, Page. People like that and their minions that are still pulling their DS BS. What they have all done is unforgivable.

    1. DOJ do something about corruption?

      You do realize who heads the DOJ today, right? How can YOU expect him to do anything about corruption when HE wants to be Dear Leader’s kingmaker?

      Barr has no interest in STOPPING the corruption! Whatever would have given you THAT idea?

  3. You mean lying, corrupt, racist like obutticus, klinton (both), biden, sanders or the whole of the communist party. Neither you nor your party have EVER wanted this country to be great. You want to destroy her and you almost did with obutticus. Ya’ll are pissed because obutticus put us in the toilet and klinton was supposed to be elected and flush the country down the hole. If you ever try that again there will be a war.

  4. baal paul you are a no nothing loser just like your lying party. Your party has now set the stage for every president elect to be impeached. BY the way, majority has never been relevant as the Founding Fathers purposely made the election that way so one party with a small area but a large population could not dictate to the rest of the country. If you don’t like it here, then you and your communist party are free to leave for north korea. The Founding Fathers were a lot smarter than you or your party. You know, the ones who wanted the king of england to rule over us.

  5. These investigations should have begun even before Pres. Trump was elected, evidently Americans knew what those in DC didn’t , that the entire process was abused. How many Americans have been spied on by a corrupt FBI agency?

    1. Actually, Mindy, Americans knew who they wanted when they wanted Hillary. Do you, actually, want another four years with a corrupt, lying, racist, admittedly sexual deviant leading the former “greatest country in the world?” MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!

    2. We don’t know. But given the earlier NSA reports it’s probably in the millions of Americans at some level. Sadly, if the FBI and DOJ were really concerned about their reputation they would have initiated these investigations a long time ago.

  6. When a Democrat is elected, it’s a license to steal. Obama and family are worth 100’s of millions each. The Clinton foundation, etc etc.

    1. Geez, Bill, Trump has how many properties in wherever? He has been bankrupted how many times? I still want to get a flight on Trump Airlines, but I keep getting an automated message: “This number is not currently operating.” Crap, I wanted a room at he Trump Hotel, and got the same message. What the heck is going on? I’m a devoted follower of our president, and I should get my due!

  7. Go Graham! Inquiring minds would also like an answer. What a waste of time and money. Not to mention the more than usual divisiveness it has caused.

    1. Cherl, I, for once, agree with you! The Senate should be ashamed of themselves for even convening, when they knew they were only kiss the behind of that guy squatting in the Oval Office. How ashamed of themselves for forsaking the Constitution for their own re-election hopes? Yeah, probably not…

      1. Join the discussion…All because you wanted the power to destroy America baal paul.

  8. Ask Lamar Alexander how all this crap started. He has some ideas.

    1. Join the discussion…Yea started because you wanted the power to destroy America at ANY cost.

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