Greg Gutfeld Opens New Time Slot with Blistering Takedown of the Ladies of 'The View'


No one on television today seems to understand what it means to “stay in your lane.” All the hosts now seem to sincerely believe audiences are desperate to hear their views on current events and especially politics.

The notion of simply “entertaining” no longer exists. Every personality is a political expert too.

The ladies of ABC’s “The View” are no exception.

Neither are they, however, their founder, the late, great Barbara Walters. The broadcast news icon earned the right to speak to just about any topic or any person.

Those who remain in her place have not — and Fox News host Greg Gutfeld made that clear Monday night in the first 10 p.m. ET episode of “Gutfeld.”

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Despite how the ABC talk show bills itself — “The View is a priority destination for celebrity and political guests with up-to-the-minute Hot Topics and invaluable conversation — there is nothing “hot” or “invaluable” happening here.

Realistically, “The View” is composed of five hosts whose general intellect remains consistent with the rest of the puppets the Democratic Party parades in front of the American people.

These ladies are ignorant but manipulable. They are perfect for the agenda they have been handed by the liberal left.

The entire show screams propaganda, and not even a talented actor like Whoopi Goldberg can disguise this agenda, if she even wanted to try. She doesn’t, mind you. She’s onboard and owns this without apology.

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Goldberg and the other hosts are more consumed with inflating their self-importance and trading pats-on-the-back over their political prowess than doing anything that may be classified as original, beneficial or entertaining.

They are an arm of the liberal elite, one that desperately wants its vision to become the nation’s.

The role of “The View” hosts is to help train Americans “not to trust their eyes but only what they are being told.”

This includes the escapades of Hunter Biden.

It is the reason they spend so much time canonizing President Joe Biden’s fatherly relationship with his son — and it’s why they dedicated a Friday segment to reinforcing Hunter’s innocence in the recent White House cocaine scandal.

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When Gutfeld kicked off his new time slot — his show replaced “The Ingraham Angle,” which moved back to 7 p.m. ET — he grabbed hold of the ladies at “The View” with one hand and clutched Hunter Biden with the other. He then thrust both back into the proper light in which to be seen, employing a cleverly crafted monologue that reminded viewers to continue to believe their eyes.

I’m surprised they didn’t shrivel into dust in that light.

Gutfeld reminded Americans that the Secret Service is far from inept, that Hunter is an “out of control maniac surrounded by an impenetrable wall of protection” and that his father most definitely is not running the country.

During the segment, he showed clips of “The View” hosts’ inane comments about the cocaine case and the Secret Service’s determination last week that the culprit could not be found.

“No matter what the answer would have been, they were always going to blame Hunter Biden. … They are weaponizing Hunter Biden against his dad as an effective tool to get his dad to lose his cool and to get his dad to feel the heartache,” host Ana Navarro said in one of them.

“And there’s people who might believe that it was planted by somebody so that then they can advance the Hunter Biden narrative,” she added.

Gutfeld mocked that bizarre idea.

“Seeing the ladies of ‘The View’ try and use deductive reasoning is like watching bears try to do geometry,” he said. “In fact, I think ‘The View’ should get their own NBC series, ‘Law & Order, Special Moron Unit.'”

Barbara Walters must be rolling in her grave.

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