Haley Suggests the US Could 'End Up With a President Harris' After Biden Falls on Stage


Republican presidential hopeful Nikki Haley is suggesting President Joe Biden may not finish out a potential second term if he wins re-election.

Speaking to Fox News Digital, Haley said, “No one should feel good about watching the president fall. While this is hard to see, we have to be honest with the American people. Our enemies see the same TV clips and wonder who is in charge.” 

She continued to suggest Vice President Kamala Harris might become president as she said, “Joe Biden is the oldest president in history, and if he’s reelected, we could end up with a President Harris. This is why I have repeatedly called for mental competency tests and term limits for politicians.”

“It’s time for a new generation of leadership in Washington,” Haley added.

A video showed Biden on stage at the Air Force Academy earlier on Thursday.

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He started to walk away from the podium but appeared to trip and then fell on stage.

After getting back to his feet, Biden was seen walking off the stage without assistance before the video ended.

In case you missed it:

Former President Donald Trump reacted to the news of Biden’s tumble as he said, “Well I hope he wasn’t hurt. I hope he wasn’t hurt.”

“Look, the whole thing is crazy. You gotta be careful about that. You gotta be careful about that because you don’t want that. Even if you have to tiptoe down a ramp,” he added.

Watch the moment below:

Fox News reported, “The White House said Thursday that the president tripped over a sandbag.”

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Speaking to reporters after the incident, Biden joked, “I got sandbagged.”

Biden has twice fallen on the steps of Air Force One.

He also fell over while he was on a bike last year.

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