Nancy Pelosi Turns 80, Says She Is Not Celebrating ‘Until I Can Hug My Grandbabies’

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) kicked off her birthday at a press conference instead of a birthday party. The speaker turned 80 on Thursday.

During the press conference, she updated the nation on the massive funding bill aimed at helping the nation survive the coronavirus outbreak.

At the opening of her press conference, a reporter wished Pelosi a happy birthday, and after thanking him, she said, “I’m not celebrating, though, until I can hug my grandbabies. I’m waiting for that day, hopefully, that will be soon, but thank you.”

See her comments below:

Before entering politics, the Baltimore-born speaker raised five children and she now has nine grandchildren.

Democrats online also wished Pelosi a happy birthday.

Former Baltimore mayor and Maryland governor Martin O’Malley wrote on Twitter, “Happy Birthday, Nancy Pelosi! Baltimore never produced [a] finer leader. Thanks for all your steady leadership of our country through these days of unprecedented challenge.”

Some of the Democrats who she leads in the House also wished the speaker a happy birthday.

Congresswoman Deb Haaland (D-N.M.) wrote, “No matter the job, Speaker Pelosi rises to the occasion with love and grace for our country. Wishing my friend and mentor a happy birthday.”

Unfortunately for the Speaker — and for the nation — her birthday came as she is trying to wrestle a stimulus bill through Congress, a bill which has been the result of many late nights of negotiations.

Pelosi is currently in her second tenure as speaker of the House, after previously holding the gavel during the Bush and Obama administrations. She has been in her seat, representing a district in San Francisco, since 1987, and she is the first woman to become the speaker of the House.


  1. Cherl, Sherri, Hector and Bobby, pay ZERO attention to the other spreaders of lies and fake news on this site. baal paul, michael (with a capital B) and tery are all into lies and deceit. They are part of the communist party, as there is no democrat party and hasn’t been for a very long time, which is truly PURE EVIL, hammer and sickle through and through. They want the destruction of America and will do and say anything to accomplish that goal. If they try to convince you of anything other than that, they are lying.

  2. For Cherl,
    If you cannot wish a happy 80th birthday to anybody, no matter how much you disagree with her, says more about you than anything you may post. How many people would wish your grandchildren ridicule? perhaps more than you could know. As far as hating Trump, what I recognize is a man that is admitted lying racist, a man who claims to be moral, but has three failed marriages, along with pay-offs to a couple of women who some may think of as “ill-repute,” a man who has expressed desires for his daughter, a man who has denied his youngest son. I could, of course, go on, but you catch my drift. All of that being said, and I mean this with all sincerity, please remain with heath and hope for you and your family.

    1. What a hypocrite. Did you wish President Trump a happy birthday? You would rather sit in judgement of him before he was President. Unlike Clinton who had his dalliances in White House. We will all be judged someday and it will not be by you.
      Pelosi has no idea who I am or who you are for that matter. It says nothing about me. Do you really think she reads anything posted here. You read what you want to see. I said nothing about her grandchildren.
      Keep your insincere hypocritical wishes to yourself. I’m doing just fine without them.

  3. She’s not going to celebrate until she gets her teeth fixed because her “grandbabies” laugh at her

  4. If she thinks anyone feels sorry for her, she’s not thinking. This country isn’t in a pity party and playing victim is a terrible look. Disgusting.

  5. This pig is giving away 350 million US taxpayer dollars to illegal invaders. Buying the votes forever. Just think, every legal citizen in America would be a millionaire

  6. Wishing Ms Pelosi a happy birthday with many more to come. Whether or not you agree with her politics, she continues to be an effective leader,and more importantly, respected.

    1. You’re out your mind. This woman is wicked to the core and as EVIL as they come. No happy wishes of any kind for this hag! Can’t be voted out fast enough.

      1. Bobby, you are really disgusting. I’m sure your mother, if you ever had one, is really proud of you.

        1. Paul, it’s no use. Unfortunately a surprisingly large number of Americans are brain washed into believing that people are evil because their political beliefs are different, and it’s particularly severe for Trump supporters.

          1. The two of you are so very childish in your posts. You hope that President Trump fails which means the country fails. As for Pelosi look up her heritage. The D’Alesandro family of MD for those who lived in MD during their politics have a reason to suspect her politics.

          2. Cherl ignores the comment that paints Pelosi as the wicked witch to call our respone childish. Hmmmm…

          3. this woman tried to include funding for abortions in the stimulus package. How many baby’s deaths is she responsible for? Babies who won’t be able to hug children or grandchildren of their own. What a hypocrite!

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