Harris: Biden’s Jobs Plan Represents the Largest ‘Jobs Investment Since World War II’

Vice President Kamala Harris is recognizing President Joe Biden’s American Jobs Plan as the “biggest American jobs investment since World War II.”

In an op-ed published by USA Today, Harris acknowledged “at least 10 million Americans are still unemployed” amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Many worked in lower-wage jobs and more than 4 million have been out of work for more than 27 weeks. Recently, President Joe Biden announced the American Jobs Plan. Through a historic investment in our nation’s infrastructure — one that will rebuild our nation and strengthen our economic foundation — this plan will create millions of jobs,” Harris wrote in the article published Monday.

She continued, “In fact, this plan represents the biggest American jobs investment since World War II.”

The vice president claimed there is “one big difference” between Biden’s plan and previous infrastructure initiatives.

“The laborers who risked their lives to build the railroad earned next to nothing. The Hoover Dam workforce lived in a camp known as ‘Ragtown’ and were prevented from unionizing. And some workers — particularly women and workers of color — were locked out of these projects altogether,” Harris said.

She added, “The American Jobs Plan won’t just create jobs. It will create good jobs. It will create good jobs that do meaningful work. And it will do so for every worker.”

Noting the plan will create blue-collar jobs, Harris pointed out those who need training for these jobs will have access to it as it will expand “apprenticeships and workforce development. And we’re going to use these programs to make sure that these jobs are available to women as well as men. After all, hard hats are unisex.”

Additionally, Harris explained the plan will allow these jobs to have the choice to organize or join a union.

“Work will be underway everywhere. And workers everywhere will benefit — with a good job, yes, and also by making an important contribution in their own backyard,” Harris went on.

Reiterating “there will be millions more good jobs to fill,” Harris said Americans will “do meaningful work, as they repair what has been, build what can be, and keep our country competitive for generations to come.”

Harris concluded her op-ed by calling on Congress to pass the American Jobs Plan.


  1. Prison labor. Thats my guess considering her and the potatohead of the United States is trying to make every owner of a AR/AK criminal.
    There is that.

  2. That’s quite a reassuring pose struck the worthless VP. Obamba said that same thing and as we know it DIDN’T happen! Talk is cheap. Doing it is hard work. Putting thousands out of work is not a good first step.
    So Democrats here are you proud of yourselves???

  3. This woman doesn’t know squat!!! She could care less about the REAL AMERICAN people. Just as long as that Commie party can line their pockets with as much money that belongs to the United States who are they to give a crap. Just keep spending on a money tree that suddenly grew when that senile old fart got in there (fraudulently). Yeah let’s give everyone, but real Americans, money that they also don’t deserve. The good old US of A just got flushed down the toilet.

  4. How would she know that? Communist Komrade Kamala doesn’t know squat! What a loser this entire administration is! God, help us!!

    1. Walt “ Kamala doesn’t know squat! ”? She sure does. She knows heels up in the air gets you places.

  5. Biggest ‘Jobs’ bill since WWII, eh? Remember Dear Leader Obama’s ‘Shovel-Ready ‘Jobs bill? Short on actual JOBS, but long on cash payments to union and local Dem Party bosses!
    And who was Obama’s VP at the time?
    That’s right!

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