Harris on US Capitol Riot: ‘Same Thing That Went Through My Mind When I Saw Charlottesville’

Vice President-elect Kamala Harris is sharing that the recent U.S. Capitol riot is like what she saw in Charlottesville, Virginia, when violence broke out on Aug. 12, 2017.

Harris was asked during an interview with NPR on Thursday what went through her mind when she saw “racist symbols, Confederate flags, parading through the Senate hallways” where she had worked as a lawmaker.

“Well, I mean, it was the same thing that went through my mind when I saw Charlottesville,” she said. “I mean, it’s the same thing that went through my mind when I saw a picture of Emmett Till.”

The incoming vice president continued, “Sadly, it is not the first time I have seen a demonstration like what you are describing in the history of our country. And and it is — it is a reminder that we still have a lot of work to do.”

Listen to Harris’ remarks (starting at 1:00):

Calling the violent protests that occurred at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 “horrific,” Harris told NPR, “It was a day that wherein we witnessed an assault on America’s democracy, a day when we witnessed the terror that a few can wreak on so many. And it was probably, you know, it will be in history recorded as one of the worst days in terms of an attack on the integrity of our democracy.”

Harris also spoke on troops assigned to the U.S. Capitol — for the first time since the Civil War — ahead of Inauguration Day and why the ceremony and taking the oath will still be outside.

Harris said, “I think that we cannot yield to those who would try and make us afraid of who we are.”

Inauguration Day will be on Jan. 20. There is expected to be about 20,000 National Guard troops deployed to Washington, D.C., amid security concerns.


  1. I guess she forgot about Antifa and the Bowel Movement (BLM) riots, destruction and take over of federal property/police stations in Oregon and Washington. She must have forgotten the destruction in and looting of an entire shopping mall. She forgets 90 days of riots and city center takeovers. She forgets about the June rioting and trespass at the White House in June. She must also forget that the people starting the riots in Charlottesville were Antifa and the Bowel Movement. The protests were peaceful (defending the statue) until then.

    The media gives these lying, cheating, corrupt Democrats a platform on which to lie.

  2. “Same Thing That Went Through My Mind When I Saw Charlottesville”

    then as now she was afraid she spilt the bowl of chitlins…

      1. I worry about it less than you do.. if that answers your question… and I do believe you don’t have to be black to be called the N word… your either a N word.. or your not…
        erick… are you proud for what you do to your sister in the basement…

        1. “I worry about it less than you do.” dixter

          We know, dixter, we know.

          “I do believe you don’t have to be black to be called the N word…” dixter

          A racist doesn’t have to use the n-word to show racism or be a racist. After the 1960s, the old Republicans recognized and admitted that they couldn’t, but that didn’t stop them from using substitutes. You might remember President Reagan using “welfare queen”.

          You might recognize yourself in this article, too, dixter.


  3. She’s not talking to white people.
    So, how about them riots last summer? Lots of them. Billions of dollars in damage. How many criminals did you bail out?

    1. All incited and executed by inferior to everyone, Caucasian trash, domestic terrtorists.

    2. It is unclear. Are you claiming the deaths and the damage to the Capitol and to the reputation of America is comparable to the demonstrations and the looting occurring last summer?

      How many criminals did you bail out? What is the basis of your belief that VP elect Harris bailed out ANY?

    3. Billions in damage? lol. Glen, you need to put down the crack pipe.
      Last summer’s protests that turned violent were a result of police brutality.
      The Jan 6th riot occurred as a result of a sitting president inciting his armed supporters to storm the U.S. Capitol in attempt to stop Congress from carrying out their constitutionally mandated duty to count and certify a presidential election

      1. erick…. last summers protests were because a crack head tried to strong arm a store clerk… get the fact straight….

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