Hidden on Page 653 of $433B Climate Bill, Dems Throw Loads of Money Toward Electric School Buses


The Democrats’ agenda for America seems to have two primary objectives: wreck the economy and endanger children.

Now, thanks to Democratic Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia, Democrats may be able to fulfill those two priorities in one bill.

If a new proposed bill passes, green energy will be prioritized over fossil fuels, undermining industries like coal mining. Details buried in the bill show Manchin’s betrayal of his West Virginia constituents may also enable wasteful spending on “green” school buses for our kids. The problem there is, these electric buses have been unpredictably bursting into flames so hot, fire departments struggle to extinguish them.

The switch to zero emission public transit vehicles is part of a deal worked out between Manchin and New York Senator Chuck Schumer. The latest catastrophic spending bill advancing in the Senate — ironically named “Inflation Reduction Act of 2022″ — would drive inflation by spending hundreds of billions on inefficient green energy and payoffs to special interests.

Business Insider provided a copy of a “Summary of the Energy Security and Climate Change Investments in the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022” prepared by Senate Democrats. The summary states the bill includes “$1 billion for clean, heavy-duty vehicles, like school and transit buses and garbage trucks.”

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Senate Democrats also provided the full 725-page draft of the proposed legislation. The bill provides details concealed within the bureaucratic language of establishment Washington.

Buried on pages 652 and 653, the bill described how states, municipalities, Indian tribes and non-profit school transportation associations would qualify for assistance for Class 6 or Class 7 heavy-duty zero emission vehicles.

The Cornell Law School Legal Information Institute defines Class 6 as heavy-duty motor vehicles between 19,500 and 26,000 pounds. Class 7 are heavy-duty motor vehicles between 26,000 and 33,000 pounds.

Would you let your kids ride in an electric school bus?

Typical 29 to 78 passenger buses range from 23,500 to 33,000 pounds, according to manufacturer IC Bus.

A series of recent fires has called into question the reliability of electric buses, not to mention their safety.

On July 23 in Connecticut, an unoccupied electric bus was gutted by fire. Three people were sent to the hospital, and the rest of the fleet had to be pulled from service due to safety concerns.

WTIC-TV posted a news story on the incident.

It does not help that the lithium-ion batteries in electric vehicles burn longer and are hard to put out.

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In the video, a Connecticut fire official noted, “All these electric, you know, buses and vehicles now, that are on the roads, they pose a different challenge for us that the fire service in general we’re looking at different ways to extinguish these fires as they definitely pose a larger challenge for us.”

In April, France had dozens of electric buses taken out of service after two separate explosive incidents.

While some claim that electric vehicles are safer, many parents would likely prefer not to test out that theory while entire fleets of EV buses are being pulled out of circulation. But this is nothing new. “Child safety” has never been a priority for progressive leftists.

After all, leftist Democrats are obsessed with preventing the birth of as many children as possible, demanding abortions up until birth.

Once born, many kids have to live in the blighted, crime-infested cities under Democrat’s rule.

Some kids have to deal with Democrats’efforts to boost sexual confusion.

Others have to watch out for leftists’ attempts to groom them with racism and  inappropriate sexual content.

Even something as innocuous as children’s entertainment is being used by leftists as a weapon against children’s innocence.

Electric buses have some negative trade-offs when compared with gas-burning cars, and while some reports indicate they are safer, the fact remains that many are currently being pulled out of circulation over safety issues.

There appear to be few, if any, substantial benefits to switching. It’s a policy driven by the radicals running the Biden administration, in defiance of logic and sound governing principles.

The overstuffed climate bill proves as much. How can you trust these people with children’s safety when they are brazenly ignorant enough to fight inflation with billions of dollars in spending?

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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