Hillary, Chelsea Clinton to Launch Documentary Series Focusing on Their Book


Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her daughter, Chelsea Clinton, are joining forces to host a new series adapted from their book “Gutsy Women.”

“The world needs more change-makers. And I believe telling the stories of people who defy the odds and march forward will inspire others to do the same. Alongside filmmaker [Sam Branson], [Chelsea Clinton] and I are proud to launch HiddenLight Productions,” Clinton wrote on Twitter Thursday.

She added, “HiddenLight’s first project will be an [Apple TV] adaptation of ‘Gutsy Women,’ the book Chelsea and I wrote to chronicle the lives of trailblazing women whose stories deserve to be more widely shared. More to come soon.”

Chelsea Clinton also took to Twitter to express her excitement for the project.

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“Thrilled to be part of HiddenLight Productions with my mom [Hillary Clinton] and [Sam Branson]! Our first project is an adaptation of ‘Gutsy Women,’ the book my mom and I wrote about women whose stories of perseverance inspire us, with [Apple TV]! More to come soon!” Chelsea Clinton wrote.

Apple TV responded, “Get ready to be inspired.”

Clinton said in a statement it is time for these voices to be elevated.

“For too long, attention has been paid only to the loudest voices in the room. There have been generations of change-makers who have shaped and will continue to shape our world — often quietly, flying under the radar,” Clinton said.

The Clintons are not the only ones busy with producing a series.

Former President Barack Obama’s (D) production company Higher Ground will be producing a series called “The G Word with Adam Conover.”

The show is loosely based on “The Fifth Risk” by Michael Lewis.

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“The United States government affects our lives in countless ways, from the food we eat to the money in our bank accounts. But despite the many hours we spend obsessing over politics, almost none of us know the first thing about the massive organization those politicians are supposed to run. Instead, ‘government’ has become a dirty word that we’d rather not talk or even think about,” the synopsis reads.

His production company won an Oscar for the first film it released, as IJR previously reported.

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