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Hillary Clinton Backs Removal of the Filibuster for 'Constitutional Matters'

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Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is joining the list of Democrats who are advocating for the removal of the filibuster.

According to CNN, Clinton said during an episode of the “Just Something About Her” podcast set to be released in full on Thursday, the filibuster should not affect “constitutional matters.” Clinton specifically pointed to voting rights.

“The filibuster stands in the way of a lot of legislation and whether or not it can be either reformed and amended or eliminated is what we will find out in next weeks,” she said.

Clinton continued, “It certainly should be lifted for constitutional matters, and I would put election law matters at the top of that list.”

Her comments come just days after Georgia lawmakers passed a bill including voting restrictions.

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“We had a good election, more people voted, it was fair, it was credible, it was certified by lots of Republican states and the Republicans didn’t like the result. Being the result-oriented folks that they are, they’re trying to change the rules to make it harder for people to vote and have their votes counted,” Clinton explained.

She added, “And I do think this is a direct constitutional challenge to the rights of citizenship, to the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendment, to a long line of cases.”

When talking about the Second Amendment, Clinton said she “could argue that the interpretation” of it “is a constitutional issue as well.”

On another episode of the podcast last week, Clinton suggested America has a “gun-worshipping problem,” as IJR reported.

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