Actress Jameela Jamil Attacked on Twitter for Misgendering Someone


Actress Jameela Jamil received backlash for misgendering someone.

Jamil got into an argument with someone on Twitter and proceeded to call them a woman. Unbeknownst to Jamil, she was unaware that the Twitter user referred to themselves as non-binary, because the user did not make it clear.

“I accidentally misgendered someone who was rude to me on here because I did not know they were NB. I instantly corrected myself but NOBODY reads your bios people. *PLEASE* include your pronouns in your name on here to prevent misunderstandings/offense if it’s important to you,” Jamil wrote in a tweet.

Continuing, she wrote, “OBVIOUSLY sorry for making this innocent mistake. But if we don’t do more to prevent this mistake it will likely keep happening, which is bad for everyone. Put pronouns in your names. I’ve just done that with mine. It took two seconds.”

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Jamil received backlash from Twitter users for seemingly not taking full responsibility for her actions.

One Twitter user responded to Jamil writing, “It’s literally not their fault if you didn’t read their bio, stop blaming them for your carelessness.”

Another Twitter wrote, “So, instead of cis people doing the bare minimum, is up to us trans people to prevent getting missgender? Okay. ;-; maybe stop using gendered words when referring to others if you don’t know their gender identity.”

“How’s about not be rude to someone in the first place?” one Twitter user wrote.

Should she apologize further?

Joe Pags Pagliarulo, a conservative talk show host from “The Joe Pags Show,” also gave his thoughts on the backlash writing, “There is no such thing as ‘non binary.’ And, misgendering is not a thing. Stop apologizing for things you haven’t done wrong because the mob comes for you. Be stronger than this.”

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