Jill Biden Tosses a Heckler out of a Campaign Event As He Tries to Shout Down Her Husband

One of former Vice President Joe Biden‘s campaign events on Monday was interrupted by a heckler pushing toward the candidate but the man found himself ejected from the rally by none other than former Second Lady Jill Biden.

In a video of the event which has been making the rounds on social media, the crowd starts chanting “we want Joe!” to shout down the heckler when Jill Biden crosses the room and joins the security guards in tossing the disruptor out of the room.

Here’s the clip of the interaction:

When a reporter spotted Jill Biden at a pub later in the night and asked her about the interaction, she reportedly quipped, “I’m a good Philly girl.”

Joe Biden was clearly thankful for the support that his wife provided. During a Tuesday morning interview on Morning Joe, he said, “She said to me ‘I was worried he had a gun.'”

The former vice president added a moment later, “I tell you what, I married way up, man.”

The Bidens spent their morning in the Granite State but are moving out early and heading to South Carolina where the former vice president still has a wide lead in the polls. Joe Biden is hoping to improve on a lackluster performance in Iowa that he called a “gut punch.”

Jill Biden has been one of her husband’s loudest surrogates on the campaign trail and she has been criss-crossing the early states over the past few months. She is the second wife of the former senator and vice president — his first wife died in a car accident along with his young daughter.

She has also accomplished a considerable amount over her life, as she holds a Ph.D. from the University of Delaware and while her husband was the vice president, she was a professor at Northern Virginia Community College just outside of Washington DC.