Joe Rogan Roars With Laughter After Guest Humiliates Kamala Harris on His Podcast


Comedy has been described as telling the truth in a funny way. It seems a touch of humor makes it easier to accept the presentation of unflattering or even harsh facts about reality.

Even in this technological era dominated by the censorious practices of progressive Big Tech companies, it makes sense that some honest dialogue is still being presented by a comedian: stand-up comic and podcaster Joe Rogan.

On the Aug. 10 edition of “The Joe Rogan Experience,” Rogan had a laughing fit when guest Tim Dillon found a novel way to describe Vice President Kamala Harris’s often baffling statements.

Rogan’s had success by coming across as just a curious guy, interested in learning more during conversations with the diverse range of people he chooses to interview.

Still, Rogan often cultivates controversy by giving a platform to figures or opinions the establishment media holds in contempt.

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This disregard of media groupthink has served Rogan well. Newsweek reported Rogan is “estimated to have the most lucrative and most listened-to podcast in the world.”

As one recent guest suggested, a Rogan-Donald Trump interview might break the internet.

Rogan is also not afraid to voice his own commonsense but politically incorrect opinions on topics like the Arizona gubernatorial election. “It looks like there’s real fraud there,” Rogan acknowledged.

On Bud Light’s Dylan Mulvaney fiasco, Rogan commented, “It’s for blue-collar drinking people, and they like to watch football and drink Bud Light, and then all of a sudden you have this mentally ill person who’s just an attention whore.”

Do you think Harris will become president?

Which brings us to Kamala Harris.

While Harris is handled like some kind of sacred cow by the Biden administration, the truth is she is a terrible speaker, often caught in blatant misstatements.

Recent Harris gaffes included claims she had “great approval ratings,” which even left-leaning PolitiFact admitted was false.

Harris’s discussion of AI was so bizarre, it was run like an attack ad by RNC Research.

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Such a person in such a position of authority is a natural target for an honest comedian.

During a political discussion, Rogan’s guest, comic and podcaster Tim Dillon, told the truth about Harris, in a funny way. The clip was shared by the Rubin Report.

WARNING: The following video contains vulgar language that some viewers may find offensive.

Rogan and Dillon questioned whether Biden would really be the 2024 Democrat presidential candidate. Dillon observed others, like California Governor Gavin Newsom, were maneuvering for the top spot. Rogan asked about Vice President Harris, who would seem to be in the prime spot as the “rightful” successor.

Dillon’s response got Rogan roaring with laughter.

Dillon said, “Kamala Harris cannot say a sentence. It’s almost, she’s almost worse than him. She talks in like gypsy curses. When they ask her something she’ll be like, ‘My grandma said that a hive of bees is still bees if, if you bury it,’ and you’re like, ‘What the f*** is this b***** saying?’ That’s how she speaks. The woman has no idea what’s going on.”

It’s funny because it is true.

Harris is problematic for the Democrats — not just because of her terrible ideas and non-existent political skills.

Harris might be the only person who is so incompetent, she makes Joe Biden look good in comparison.

That is not funny.

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