Watch: Boris Johnson Quotes Terminator 2 During Farewell Address


Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson quoted the 1991 blockbuster Terminator 2: Judgment Day during his farewell speech to Parliament.

Johnson praised a number of his colleagues and offered advice to his successor during his speech on Wednesday.

“I want to use my last few seconds to give some words of advice to my successor. Number One: Stay close to the Americans,” Johnson said.

The former British leader went on to advise his replacement, “Stick up for the Ukrainians. Stick up for freedom and democracy… Remember above all: It’s not Twitter that counts… Hasta la vista, baby!”

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Johnson announced his resignation about two weeks ago after news broke about his alleged involvement in several scandals.

The prime minister’s handling of sexual misconduct claims against a senior member of government resulted in months of unrelenting political turmoil, according to a report by the BBC.

The publication went on to report that disillusionment with the politician reached a peak when his health secretary and chancellor resigned within 10 minutes of one another two weeks ago.

In total, more than 50 members of government quit in relation to the scandals surrounding the prime minister, including the Education secretary who was appointed just days earlier.

Several conservative members of parliament called on Johnson to leave office and appoint a deputy prime minister to serve in the interim until his replacement can be selected.

Currently there are 11 candidates who have declared their intention to run on a variety of platforms, according to CNN.

According to the BBC, former chief advisor to Johnson, Dominic Cummings, said that it would cause “carnage” if the then-prime minister remained in office.

Cummings said at the time, before Johnson gave in and announced his resignation, that his former boss was “playing for time” and would likely “try to stay.”

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During his final address to Parliament, Johnson recounted some of his accomplishments saying, “We got Brexit done and though the re-joiners and the revengers were left plotting and planning and biding their time – and I’ll have more to say about the events of the last few weeks and months in due course – we delivered on every single one of our promises.

“Mission largely accomplished,” Johnson said.

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