Judge Issues Nationwide Injunction to Block Changes to the Postal Service

A judge and Obama appointee is putting a stop to Postal Service changes that have hindered the delivery of mail across the nation.

Judge Stanley Bastian in Yakima, Washington, called the changes “a politically motivated attack on the efficiency of the Postal Service,” according to a report released by the Associated Press.

He revealed he is issuing a nationwide preliminary injunction after 14 states challenged the changes.

States challenged the “leave mail behind” policy, which permits carriers to leave mail at distribution centers if it delays their routes.

They also called on the agency to to treat mail-in ballots as First Class mail.

He added the changes created “a substantial possibility many voters will be disenfranchised.”

The announcement comes amid growing criticism of the agency and concerns over whether it will be able to handle the influx of election mail come November.

The Postal Service drew more backlash on Monday after election officials warned voters the agency was misleading them on how to vote on Nov. 3, as IJR previously reported.

A federal judge ordered the Postal Service to stop the delivery of postcards that allegedly contained “false or misleading information” about how to vote by mail.

“The intention of the mailer was to send a single set of recommendations that provided general guidance allowing voters who choose mail-in voting to do so successfully, regardless of where they live and where they vote,” spokeswoman Martha Johnson said.

Postmaster General Louis DeJoy has come under scrutiny following reports that he reimbursed his former employees for making political donations in 2016, as IJR previously reported.

House Oversight and Reform Committee Chairwoman Carolyn Maloney called for the suspension of DeJoy and announced an investigation into the report.

President Donald Trump said he would support an investigation into DeJoy’s involvement in campaign contributions.

“Let the investigations go,” Trump said.


  1. Ken: decades of mismanagement?

    In what way does removing high speed processing and sorting machines increase efficiency? It sounds to me as if you are just making up excuses for Dear Leader.

    How many MORE workers would be needed to do the following (2019 stats):

    The Delivery Barcode Sorter reads the barcode on letters and sorts them at 36,000 pieces per hour.

    The new Enhanced Package Processing System in Portland, OR, sorts packages at 25,000 pieces per hour.

    The Automated Delivery Unit Sorter sorts packages and bundles of mail at a rate of 4,000 pieces per hour with a sort accuracy of 99.95 percent.

    The Robotic Containerization System sorts trays and automatically loads rolling containers or pallets.

    The Automated Flat Sorting Machine sorts flat mail at 17,000 pieces per hour.

    The Automated Package Processing System sorts packages and bundles of mail at 9,500 pieces per hour.

    The High Throughput Parcel Sorter sorts packages and bundles at 15,000 pieces per hour.

    The Automated Parcel and Bundle Sorter sorts packages and bundles of mail at 6,000 pieces per hour.

    The MISmanagement came from removing the efficient machines, to adversely affect the election outcome.

  2. The changes in the post office began in 2012 with the Obummer administration awarding a contract to Senator Diane Feinstein’s husband’s company to sell off post office equipment.
    How can anyone expect a government agency, that involves seven different unions, to be turned around in a few months, after decades of mis management?

  3. Really? Another Obama-appointed judge trying to affect the voting process. Surprise1

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