Kari Lake Accuses Dems of Insulting Americans' Intelligence by Running 'Deadbeat Candidates'


Failed Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake is blasting Democrats for running “deadbeat” candidates who “don’t care about issues.”

During a segment on former Trump White House adviser Steve Bannon’s show, “War Room,” Lake ripped into the Democrats for their candidates.

“We had our very own Joe Biden here, her name is Katie Hobbs. She hid, she didn’t debate,” Lake began. “They don’t care about the issues or policy. And they put forth deadbeat candidates because they’re rigging the elections.”

She added, “And then they insult our intelligence and make us think that people actually elected Joe Biden, actually elected Fetterman, actually elected Hobbs.”

Watch the video below:

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It may be hard for Lake to believe, but people actually chose Hobbs — who declined to debate and was blasted by critics who accused her of not being visible enough — to be their governor, but they did. And it may be hard for her to believe voters chose Democrats in others states, too, but they did.

It is actually Republicans who could be accused of insulting Americans’ intelligence by running poor candidates.

In Arizona, they nominated a gubernatorial candidate, Lake, who was mostly known for doubting election results — not her policy proposals.

And in Pennsylvania, they chose celebrity surgeon Mehmet Oz, who was cast as a carpetbagger. And he ran a campaign that attacked Sen.-elect John Fetterman’s (D) health after he had a stroke.

In Georgia, they chose Herschel Walker, who was a football star decades ago and had no political experience, to be their senatorial nominee.

What made the difference for these candidates in the primaries was the backing they received from former President Donald Trump.

None of these candidates were chosen because they had long track records as effective conservative politicians.

Lake is a former TV anchor who reportedly did not like guns before her campaign. One acquaintance said in her past, Lake was “liberal to the core.”

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Oz previously called masks a person’s “sign of love,” and many conservatives were unsure about his stance on abortion.

And Walker came with a lot of baggage such as allegations he paid for women to get abortions, and allegations of domestic violence — including a claim he held a gun to his ex-wife’s head. He also claimed to be a member of law enforcement. Then there were reports about his troubled business ventures.

The Democrats in these three states had their own flaws, but they at least had experience in government — Hobbs is Arizona’s secretary of State, Fetterman is Pennsylvania’s lieutenant governor, and Raphael Warnock (D) is one of Georgia’s senators — and they had track records to talk about.

What’s insulting to voters is pushing candidates because of their loyalty to a defeated president and the belief the political environment is so good a potato could win against a Democrat, and then those same candidates losing races in what should have been a good year for Republicans.

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