Kari Lake Issues Doomsday Warning About Her Election Loss


Failed Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake warns the country could face a dark future following her election defeat.

During an appearance on “Real America’s Voice,” Lake expressed confidence in a lawsuit her campaign filed following her defeat.

“I have not given up one scintilla of the fight I have in me,” she continued. “Somebody said, ‘Kari, you’re fearless.'”

Is that person’s name Donald Trump?

Lake pressed on, “I guess I’m fearless right now, in this difficult time, because what I fear most of all is what happens if we don’t step forward and act with courage right now. What we’re left with. We will have a shell of our country.”

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“We look at what’s happening in Brazil, and what’s happening in China. We’ll be looking a lot like China. And I’m not talking about the protests happening now, I’m talking about we’ll be enslaved by a globalist system if we don’t stand up right now,” she added in a dark warning.

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At a separate point, Lake voiced her wish that election officials would have risked jail time to avoid certifying the results in the state.

Do you think Kari Lake should concede?

“I wish that somebody would say, ‘You know what, arrest me then. I don’t care.’ We need people with courage to say, ‘Class what felony? Go ahead, go for it. Arrest me,'” Lake said.

Her comments come over three weeks after the Nov. 8 election which she lost to Democrat Katie Hobbs.

Lake has refused to concede the election as she has pointed to long wait times at polling locations and issues with tabulation machines in Maricopa County.

Ballots were printed too lightly for scanners to read in some locations. However, voters could still leave ballots in secure boxes to be counted or go to a different polling location.

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But long wait times and ballots being put in secure boxes to be counted later are not in themselves signs of fraud that should prevent the results from being certified.

The U.S. will not descend into some authoritarian, dystopian nightmare if Lake is not somehow installed as the governor of Arizona over the expressed will of the voters.

Rather, such a move would be the kind of action that could lead to such a nightmare: corrupt, power-hungry officials flagrantly disregarding the will of the people to install their allies in power to further their interests and potentially getting away with it. That is the dangerous precedent, not accepting the election results.

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