Kayleigh McEnany Pushes Back After Mueller Hits Trump for Commuting Stone

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany is pushing back against Robert Mueller’s response to President Donald Trump’s decision to commute Roger Stone’s prison sentence.

During an appearance on “Fox & Friends” on Monday, McEnany was asked about her reaction to Mueller’s op-ed published in The Washington Post after Trump commuted Stone’s sentence.

McEnany immediately noted, “The fact that Robert Mueller had to even write an op-ed is telling. The fact that he had to defend his taxpayer-wasted investigation on taxpayer dollars, millions and millions wasted on a Russia hoax theory that found no collusion.”

She added, “What did Robert Mueller have to do to justify his investigation, a waste of taxpayer dollars, a waste of America’s time? He had to come up with process crimes which is exactly what was done in the case of Roger Stone.”

Shortly after discussing Mueller’s op-ed, McEnany moved on to criticize other leaders who were at the center of previous controversies.

McEnany singled out former Deputy Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation Andrew McCabe, former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency John Brennan, and former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper.

According to McEnany, they managed to “get away scot-free.”

See McEnany’s remarks below:

McEnany admitted that Democratic House Intelligence Committee chairman Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) was correct when he noted that the United States justice system is a “two-tiered” entity while he condemned Trump’s decision to commute Stone’s sentence.

However, she disagrees with how he views the alleged two-tiered system.

“Adam Schiff was actually right,” she said. “We do have a two-tiered justice system, he was just wrong on the facts. The two-tiered justice system completely discriminates against the Trump administration.”

McEnany’s remarks come just days after the president garnered backlash from top Democrats for his decision to commute Stone’s sentence after he was convicted on charges of lying to Congress, obstructing justice, and witness tampering.


  1. In reference to the last things that have been said about the “Russia hoax”, I’ll reply: yes, the Steele Dossier was a mostly phony piece of partisan dirty tricks and wishful thinking. Yes, the Comey gang at the FBI used it willfully to get wiretaps going. (Not the only political hatchet work he accomplished during the election season… his breathless release of announcements on Hillary’s emails days before the vote probably gave Trump the 85,000 votes he needed to win. But does Donnie thank him for that? Nooooooo.) Yes, the Russia investigation was polluted by some crappy evidence and flawed judgments. And yet, there was meeting after meeting between Trump campaign officials and Russian state actors, including Don Junior; and there was a trove of hacked Democratic Party messages that the Russians fed out through Wikileaks, just in time to sink the pussygrabber news item. And of course, the Trump organization had huge exposure to rich Russian investors, as Don Jr. famously announced in a company statement in 2015. That’s not in dispute at all.

    Mueller says there was ample interest by the Russians in advancing Trump and making the American political system look like a faithless joke. Mueller actually issued his first indictments for a bunch of Russian hackers. Nobody thought, neither Russians nor experienced Republicans, that an uninformed game show host could be elected President, but he was, and boy, did their investment in election meddling pay off big.

  2. “Trump’s voters ,I’m one of them, were aware of EVERYTHING” Talia

    Then THAT makes you all complicit in the harm done to this country under King Donald The Loser’s reign.

  3. Phyllis
    Trump’s voters ,I’m one of them, were aware of EVERYTHING, so unless you can prove otherwise, since you know ALL of them, over 60 million, I suggest you stick to what you know.

  4. Mueller was not allowed , period. His job was to provide the evidence, no more than than. All this investigation was conducted in the same manner that other investigations were conducted before, and there was no evidence to collusion, the indictments were about lying. In the case of Mike Flynn,it was a set up, so that he could be charged in lying. Nothing else. Pure waste of tax payers’ money. Now we’ll wait to see Obama’s part in this whole charade.

  5. Nunya, the best investigator the Democrats could put on the case was the Republican, Mueller. He could not reach a conclusion, in part, because he was not allowed to. He was allowed to charge flunkies like Cohen and Stone and Flynn, but not the big man. He was simply allowed to lay the evidence he could find (whatever evidence Trump didn’t have locked up under claims of executive privilege) before Congress, to see whether Congress would act on it. Trump and his captive courts kept further information under wraps, and Schiff rushed impeachment to the Senate, where McConnell killed further investigation and kept Republicans voting as a bloc (except for Mitt Romney, on one count.) So. A case was laid out, plain as day, and the Republicans said, we don’t have to see it if we don’t want to.

  6. Backlash from the Democrats, so surprised. Anyone convicted due to the Mueller investigation should be immediately released. The investigation was a sham, a witch hunt, supported by fishing expeditions. If the Hillarrhoid can walk, all indicted by the Mueller inv. should too. But, the Hillarrhoid will soon be answering questions in a real court. If she tells the truth, she goes to prison. If she lies, she goes to prison. At least that’s how it should work, depending on the judge.

  7. Dear Delbert,
    Thank you for your thoughts. I’d love to point out to you that Democrats had the best investigator on the case that was unable to find any collusion. I would also like to point you to the Page and Carter emails and text messages that prove intent to throw the sitting president out of office no matter the method.
    The real hoax was Obama interfering with a fair election and getting away with it. Don’t forget Biden requested the unmasking!
    I don’t care your political standing, everyone should be very concerned about how this went down.
    Let’s also remember that Trump didn’t shut down the investigation even though he could’ve. Do you think, IF Biden wins, he will do the same with the investigation into the Russia investigation and FISA warrant?
    Food for thought.
    Great talk,

  8. John, you’re so mature, diverse, and tolerant. I wish I were more like you.

  9. Hey Phyllis, your TDS is loud and clear.
    Trump is not “special.” Her point was Clapper, Brennan et al commuted the same “crimes” as Roger Stone but the hot book deals instead of prison terms. So who’s special again?
    Don’t forget the dossier that started this whole thing was funded by Hillary “colluding” with a UK “investigator” for dirt. Let’s not forget the omitted details behind the FISA warrants. Let’s not forget that NO COLLUSION was found, hence the bogus charges so that some “justice” came from Mueller’s millions of dollars spent and the American people wouldn’t have the big fit they should have about the waste.
    Aren’t we done following Schiff down these bunny holes? If it were Republicans doing this to Obama you’d all be throwing big ol’ fits and calling everybody racist and blah blah blah. Instead y’all can’t see the double standard because if your “ORANGE MAN BAD” mentality. Name one way where orange man bad anyway, besides racist and bigoted, cuz y’all throw around these terms so much they mean nothing anymore.
    Pick something other than CNN and IJR for your sources. IJR has their own level of TDS going on. You may actually notice the great economy and low (pre-epidemic) unemployment rates and see that GREAT THINGS ARE ACTUALLY HAPPENING that your TDS has you blind to. No one can point out bad things, they’re just like orange man bad. It’s a bit old.

  10. John,,, poor poor John ,,,, how’s that view from your head Jammed up your backside ???

  11. Delusional Whiny demonCraps,,,, stomping their feet once again,, after President Trump makes a bold Correct decision. Boo Hoo. Now the DOJ needs to start handing out Arrest Warrants for the entire OBozo Clown Team for Treason against OUR Nation and its people !!

  12. The Caucasian B*tch of The Apocalypse doing her job :

    blowing trumpuke 24/7.

    i agree with Delbert and Phyllis

  13. Yes, the poor victimized Trump administration and campaign is subjected to the SAME laws as ordinary citizens and that is just not fair. The voters were aware of Trump’s extensive business corruption rap sheet, lack of transparency, and an average of 5 lies per day during the campaign. So the Trump voters are okay with lawlessness. Soooo unfair to hold them accountable for their actions.

    NO, the voters were not aware of the 140 campaign contacts with Russians since the CIA and FBI only leaked and released the details of the investigation of Clinton. So it is unfair that this information was released to the public. WHEN will law enforcement “get it”? Trump is special and should be treated as such—Just ask ANY Trumper.

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