Kellyanne Conway Gives Biden, Harris Nicknames After Being 'On Vacation So Much'


Former White House advisor Kellyanne Conway spoke about the number of vacations Vice President Kamala Harris has taken during her time in office.

Conway spoke to Fox News’ Jesse Waters on Monday, saying that Harris has only worked 28 of her 166 weekend days since January of last year.

“It’s actually been a hallmark of this presidency and vice presidency,” Conway said of the president and vice president’s penchant for vacationing from their elected jobs.

The former Trump campaign manager said of the executive officers, “These are no-show jobs. Kamala Harris has had 166 weekend days since she has been there, 83 weekends … You know she’s had 28 events on the weekends. Twenty-eight.”

Conway did not provide any documentation or proof to back up her accounting of vacation days, but went on to ask Watters to “think about” Harris’ allegedly excessive time off before going on to point out that she believes the vice president is “not even doing the work from home movement. You’ve got to get out of the yoga pants and sweats on the weekends and perform.”

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“When you work in the White House you constantly feel like the one thing you don’t have enough of is time,” Conway asserted. “The country is suffering, the needs are great, the issues and the incoming are just constant and the one thing you feel you’re always racing against is that you’re going to run out of the time to tackle those problems and help improve people’s lives.”

The author and former White House adviser then pivoted to talking about Harris’ support for the climate change initiative, for which she cast the deciding vote in the Senate before leaving for a vacation in Hawaii.

“Kamala’s ‘staycations’ basically occur every weekend,” Conway said. “The 11 most poisonous words I read every Friday afternoon…are, ‘The vice president has nothing on her public schedule this weekend.'”

Conway also included Biden in her vacation analysis saying, “I think that for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to be on vacation so much, Biden is, this is his 150th day in Delaware since he’s become president, that’s pretty remarkable, I think they’ve become the ‘vacation czar and vacation czarina.'”

Politifact previously reported that despite insisting that he would not take vacations while in office, former President Donald Trump took extended trips to the Bedminster golf club each August of 2017 through 2019, and White House aides called trips to his golf clubs “working vacations.”

Before ending her comments about the current administration, Conway pointed out the frustration Americans are likely facing saying that the vacationing from these elected officials “comes at a time when the majority of Americans say they’re suffering, they can’t pay the bills.”

“They’re truly pessimistic and worried about their own economic situation and that of the nation,” Conway said of the American people. “And you just don’t see enough activity from our president and our vice president.”

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