Sen. John Kennedy Compares Gun Violence To Drunk Driving

Sen. John Kennedy (R-La.) is looking to make an argument in comparing gun violence to drunk driving as he is seeking to defend law-abiding Americans who own guns.

After first calling what has occurred over the past year “tragic” with regard to gun violence, Kennedy said during Tuesday’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, “We have a lot of drunk drivers in America … We ought to try to combat that too.”

He continued during the hearing on steps to reduce gun violence, “But I think what many people on my side of the aisle are saying too is the answer is not to get rid of all sober drivers. The answer is to concentrate on the problem.”

The Republican senator moved on to the topic of terrorism, “We’re often told not to condemn all of the actions of those of the Muslim faith because of the actions of a few. And I agree with that. So why doesn’t that same rule apply to the hundred-million-plus gun owners in America who are exercising their constitutional right?”

Watch Kennedy’s comments below:

Kennedy’s comments come after 10 people were killed at a Colorado grocery store in Boulder on Monday afternoon. This was the second fatal mass shooting in a week in the U.S.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) also said during Tuesday’s hearing, “We’ve had far too many tragedies in our country.”

After saying it is “time for us to do something,” Cruz noted, “What happens in this committee after every mass shooting is Democrats propose taking away guns from law-abiding citizens.”

See Cruz’s remarks below:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) also offered remarks in a statement following the Boulder shooting, “The hearts of all Americans are with the Boulder community and loved ones of those killed in yesterday’s horrific shooting, including a Boulder police officer.”

“For the second time in a week, our nation is being confronted by the epidemic of gun violence,” she added.

Pelosi also called for change, “While we await further information on the details of this heinous crime, we continue to stand with victims, families and young people across the country saying, ‘Enough is enough.’  Democrats will keep fighting to end the daily tragedy of gun violence and keep our communities safe.”


  1. Nancy doesn’t show compassion to the cops injured over the summer of love peaceful protests. “People going to do what they do.” How many were aborted in the womb last year?

  2. I have visited New Orleans 4 times but never was behind the wheel of a car while there. Perhaps they do not address drunk driving in Louisiana–BUT we do in Pennsylvania. There are sobriety check points manned by PA State Police that stop traffic and check drivers for signs of alcohol consumption– PA reduced the legal blood alcohol limit to 08%. The LCB visits bars and restaurants that serve alcohol to inspect the premises for under-age drinkers. DRUNK DRIVING IS BEING ADDRESSED WITHOUT STOPPING SOBER DRIVERS FROM GETTING BEHIND THE WHEEL. Gun violence can be addressed without stopping the sales of ALL guns. First step, pass the mandatory background check for ALL gun sales.

      1. Do you really think that Republicans don’t have abortions? And you believe that all Democrats are pro-choice? WRONG I’m pro life and I’m a Democrat. But I also believe in helping the poor people in this country. Republican’s want to take free lunches from poor children, they want to cut Medicaid and Welfare for the poor. You all don’t want to help these babies once they’re born!

      2. I am not following your logic, Mac. Are you of the mindset that abortion is illegal? It currently is not. BUT shooting 10 folks in the supermarket IS A CRIME. So if all abortions in your state are deemed illegal, are you seriously of the belief that abortions won’t take place??? What you are opposed to is SAFE abortion procedures. You would be required to believe a procedure that has been taking place for hundreds of years will simply cease. HOW did that work out with prohibition?

    1. Amen Phyllis! The false dog whistle that “pro no gun control” people say is we want to take their guns away which is bologna and fear mongering. Gun sales have exploded during the pandemic and since Biden took office. Not every mass shooter is the same. Some are based on hate crimes and then there are those who are mentally impaired. Both are equally dangerous!!

  3. well, how do you know covid is no longer a theat? because these ash holes are looking for the next crisis.

  4. Politicians go after the easy target the honest citizens when they write new laws. They do it to give people a false sense of security and when they do that they aren’t doing their jobs. When are willing to trash the Constitution in order to make people think you are doing something to make them safer is what I would call treasonous. We have so many laws on the books they all can’t be enforced and if they did you would have to jail the entire population. The country would become nothing more than a dictatorship. Just look at Venezuela and how long it took to fall from one of the richest country in the world to a impoverished nations in the world when the socialist took over. This is what the Democratic Party is trying move this country to and they are willing to break the law to do it and they don’t care what majority of Americans think because they think they are trying the Marxist Utopia.

    1. MANY false sense of security measures have been promoted.—A wall on the border was supposedly security but it would not eliminate smuggling of drugs and persons at the legal ports of entry. Voter ID requirements were to eliminate voter fraud—but the same people that claimed it as a solution are now claiming “voter fraud.” “Thoughts and prayers” were going to stop the gun violence. They have not. If you believe background checks for all gun sales takes away your guns, then you probably believed Powell, Giuliani and Lindell’s claims of a “stolen election.” —and there is little hope for a reattachment with reality anytime soon.

      1. LOL if you are still in denial that the election was not stolen and you really think Biden received more legal votes than Trump you have a low IQ and will believe anything and should not be making decisions without oversight.

        1. Tim….sadly you’re the delusional one and obviously a sore loser! The election WAS legit and just because you decide to believe the “liar in chief” Rump, doesn’t make it true poor boy…

    2. If you’re a law abiding gun owner Randy, then you should want guns kept away from criminals, nutjobs, and ethnic haters. NO ONE WANTS TO TAKE YOUR GUN AWAY FROM YOU PERIOD!!

      1. Read Randall’s post again. It does not reflect evidence of a criminal or ethnic hater—but it might be too early to rule out nutjob. Just saying.

    3. Well Randall, The majority of socialist countries are actually thriving and the people are the happiest. Case in point are countries Finland, Denmark, Netherlands, Canada, Sweden, Norway and NZ. Venezuela is an outlier so….

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