Kevin Sorbo Says He Was Dropped by Hollywood Over Christian Beliefs


Actor Kevin Sorbo opened up about being rejected by Hollywood for his Christian beliefs.

In an interview with Fox News Digital, Kevin Sorbo, 64, reflected on the time his manager and agent chose not to continue working with him after he was blacklisted from Hollywood.

“It was sad to me, you know, my manager and agent for so many years said that we can’t get you jobs anymore, work with you, because of you being a Christian, being a conservative,” the “Hercules” actor explained.

Sorbo also spoke about how the entertainment industry contradicts itself in its views.

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He shared:

“And I almost had to laugh at that because it’s an industry that screams for tolerance, and yet it’s a one-way street. It screams for freedom of speech. But Hollywood’s a one-way street as well. And that’s just too bad, you know. But I love the industry. I love the movies and TV.”

Furthermore, Sorbo called the opposition “really weird.”

“I mean, here’s the thing. We have such a huge divide in our country right now, and it’s perpetuated by the mainstream media, perpetuated by movies, TV,” he continued.

However, Sorbo emphasized he doesn’t “harbor that kind of anger and hatred towards people.”

“I have a different point of view,” he added.

While promoting his upcoming comedy “Miracle in East Texas,” his wife, Sam, 58, said the movie was the “opposite” of cancel culture.

“We do live in this culture of canceling people. And that, of course, is the opposite of forgiving them,” she said.

Additionally, she revealed what viewers can expect from the film.

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“And the movie, one of the themes in this movie and part of the reason that we fell in love with it is it has a theme of redemption, has a theme of forgiveness. And, you know, every saint has a past, and every sinner has a future,” she shared.

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