Phillies Player Wows People With 'Humble' Act Showing Respect for Military Members


A baseball player surprised people on X, formerly known as Twitter with a “humble” act that showed respect to U.S. Military service members.

Kyle Schwarber, an outfielder with the Philadelphia Phillies was seen shaking the hand of every U.S. military service member who left the field prior to Monday night’s game against the Atlanta Braves in a video posted to X by Patrick Webb a writer with the Leading Report news website. The Phillies ended up winning 7-1.

Several people took to X to respond to Schwarber’s simple act of respect for the service members.

“Nice to see a pro athlete humble enough to show respect to those who serve our country,” Philip Caraher wrote in a post. “Nice job Schwarber!”

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Another user, Joe Andre wrote, “as much as he drives me nuts, I love this dude for all of the off the field contributions.”

“Can’t stand the Phillies but major major respect here!” another person wrote in a post.

Do you like the Philadelphia Phillies?

Schwarber’s act of respect for the military members comes as several athletes and teams continue to kneel in protest of the National Anthem.

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