Kari Lake Insists the 'Truth' About AZ Gubernatorial Election Will 'Catch Up' and 'We Will Win'


It has been almost two months since voters went to the polls to elect a new governor in Arizona.

And while one of failed Republican Arizona gubernatorial nominee Kari Lake’s election challenges was dismissed, she is not giving up.

Speaking on Steve Bannon’s “War Room,” Lake claimed, “Katie Hobbs was not duly elected. Everybody in the state knows that.”

“And she can play house and play governor for a while, but eventually, the truth is going to catch up, and we will win,” she added.

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In November, Gov. Katie Hobbs (D) defeated Lake by roughly 17,000 votes.

And yet the failed Republican candidate is continuing to challenge the election.

The Arizona Court of Appeals scheduled oral arguments in Lake’s case for Jan. 24 — nearly three months after the election.

Do you think Lake should keep trying to challenge the election?

At this point, one has to wonder how long Lake thinks she can keep this up. What is the point?

The election in Arizona has been certified. Hobbs has been sworn in. And she has failed to produce evidence of misconduct that swung the election.

She has faded from the headlines as the media has turned its focus to Elon Musk and Twitter, and the mess in the House of Representatives.

She was also ordered to compensate Hobbs for her legal fees in a failed legal challenge.

So it’s not clear exactly why Lake is continuing to try to challenge the election.

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She is essentially becoming the Stacey Abrams of the right — but with less attention. And it is not clear how this could help her future politically.

Republicans have enough problems to sort through as they cannot decide on a House speaker.

They do not need another sore loser dragging out an effort to challenge an election — that is going nowhere — causing distractions for them.

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