Lara Trump Reacts To Facebook Removing Video Interview With Donald Trump

Lara Trump, former President Donald Trump’s daughter-in-law, is speaking out against Facebook’s move to remove a video interview with the former president.

“How did we get to this place where the former president of the United States can’t be seen on your account?” “Fox & Friends'” Brian Kilmeade asked.

Lara Trump responded that if social media can censor the former president then “tomorrow it could be you.”

She added, “This is not the country we want to live in, this happens in communist countries.”

“But I think the message is they want to erase Donald Trump. They want you to forget he existed. They don’t want you to see him, they don’t want you to hear from him, look away, move on, shut up and go on about your lives, forget Donald Trump existed. This is really scary stuff.”

Lara Trump — who recently joined Fox News as a contributor — also shared that her father-in-law is “terrified too.”

“He is very upset by it,” she said. “And look, you’ve heard he might be thinking about a social media platform, never a better time than right now to push that forward.”

Lara Trump held an interview with Donald Trump for her show “The Right View.” Facebook removed the video, citing the former president’s indefinite ban.

Following the U.S. Capitol riot on Jan. 6, Facebook and Instagram — which is owned by Facebook — indefinitely suspended Trump.

An email from Facebook to Lara Trump read, “In line with the block we placed on Donald Trump’s Facebook and Instagram accounts, further content posted in the voice of Donald Trump will be removed and result in additional limitations on the accounts.”

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Donald Trump is also permanently banned from Twitter and Snapchat. YouTube has also indefinitely suspended him.


  1. Censorship from the Democrat State Media, all kinds. Democrats want the populace to hear what they have to say. America’s media is the same as North Korea now, a one sided, biased media. All Conservatives should terminate their social media accounts and call advertisers to inform them of a decision NOT to use their products. It’s the only way to cripple them.

  2. agree, dixter; yet they scream at us who are pro life, anti abortion, “My body, my choice”. Amazing how hypocritical the left-wing loons, DEMONRATS are.

    1. Jen, the Democrats that chant “My body, my choice.” are the ignorant sots that claim to be governed by science. If they knew anything about the science of reproduction, they would know that after conception, there are TWO bodies, TWO life forms that need to be considered. A pregnant woman is no longer a single entity or body. But, Democrats are liars that use any excuse to make things convenient for them and their agenda.

      1. All the more reason to separate the two entities if a woman doesn’t want one taking residence in her body.

        Women who are pro choice don’t misunderstand that – they just don’t feel another person has a right to their body or health if they don’t want that.

        1. Phoenix: Of those women don’t want “one taking residence in her body”, then they should NOT be doing the actions that create that scenario. Just like, if you don’t want to have a hangover, you don’t overindulge in the alcohol. Maybe they just want to get rid of any consequences.
          Yet, “my body, my choice” doesn’t seem to work with this Chinese virus when it comes to masks or vaccines?

  3. its the dem way… if a dem doesn’t like what you say or what you do then you are canceled… the simple solution is you create your own media outlet and then you can cancel the dems… but I will tell you up front the dems cry like little kids and won’t like being told NO…NO…

  4. The left is so paranoid. This is why they run in packs. Lack individualism.

    1. It’s time this censuring sheet is stopped. This crap is pure communism and nothing but.

  5. Use a different social media platform. It’s not that hard. Conservative views ARE allowed on Facebook. I know this because its all over my feed. If conservatives moved to another platform en mass then Facebook would need to adjust.

    I don’t like Trump being censored on Facebook like this. But i also don’t like bakeries censoring what their customers put on cakes. So… businesses either have rights for their given platforms or they don’t. Right now, businesses do have that right and its up to customers to hold them accountable for their business choices.

    1. Wake up. A business can refuse business. PERIOD. It’s the whiners and attorney’s that keep circumventing the 1st ammendment.

      1. Well, a business cannot limit business period. For example, Facebook cannot just refuse to allow black people or Christians on the platform because of their race or religion.

        Political views are not covered in that though. Nor is individual rights when they agree then break terms of service. But we are otherwise on the same page. Not sure why I need to wake up.

        1. Again. Wake up. This is what is happening. I could care less. I lived without Facebook before Facebook.

          1. What is happening? Conservatives leaving facebook? Because you’re hilariously wrong on that.

    2. The analogy of the cake business is not comparable with Social Media. In the bakery, outsiders are trying to force what you create what you want with your hands and materials.

      In Social media, the commenter is doing the creation of their private comment. The owners of the media, now a Democrat controlled State Media like North Korea’s, Sadaam’s, Muslim’s, Hitler’s, Communist China’s, Russian, etc., have nothing to do with the creative input. They just supply the forum. This forum has been now become a censor to favor one political ideal over another.

      Your comment about conservative views being allowed on Facebook is not accurate. They are only allowed as long as Liberals don’t complain. I know because censorship was done to me several times before I closed my account. There was nothing in my comment that violated their rules, but when a Liberal complained, my comment was deleted and I was banned for three days. There was no way to challenge the ruling, my rights were just gone. I close my account more than three years ago. It also stopped them from selling my information to various scam and telemarketing companies. Their selling of information was exposed during the Zuckerberg hearings. There are many other Liberal/Democrat forums where the most ridiculous lies are told against Conservatives. In the comments section, they list a very restrictive set of rules that are only enforced against Conservatives that challenge the lies. will give you a huge list of anti-Conservative sites that use inflammatory lies and claims about Conservatives and Republicans. Their narrative claims that the New York Times, LA Times and WaPo are actually Conservative media. There is no end to the BS that the Liberals/Democrats tell.

      There is no other Social media platform that I know of where ideas can be expressed. If one were created, I’m sure it would be a success, catering to at least 50% of the nation.

  6. I am sick of these people censoring according to their policies and political views. I resent you acting like you and your opinion is the only thing that matters. I really pray that karma comes your way soon

    1. The ‘woke’ is over playing the hand. They will lose bigly. Look at this current Asian American racism. It is being used as ‘white supremacy’ hate. Who is pushing this? Probably not level headed Americans of asian decent. Remember which party put Americans of Japanese decent in internment camps

      1. Mac, The problem with claiming that ‘White Supremacy’ is driving the Asian attacks is that most of the attacks are being perpetrated by Blacks, like the last one shown on the news. The Democrat State Media is trying to divide America with their biased reporting, blaming whites for everything.

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