Lara Trump Warns Americans: 'If This Is What They're Able to Do to the Former President...Think About What They Could Do to You'


The FBI raid on former President Donald Trump’s Florida home was a demonstration that in Joe Biden’s America, the government can and will use its power to throttle anyone it wishes, any time, anywhere, Trump’s daughter-in-law said Monday night.

On Monday, federal agents searched the Mar-a-Lago estate of the former president, with most media accounts saying the raid was related to classified documents that could have been brought to the Palm Beach, Florida, residence when Trump left the White House in January 2021.

Lara Trump, the wife of Eric Trump, issued her warning about the broader meaning of the raid during an appearance on Fox News.

“For someone and anyone, quite frankly, who loves this country and believes in America, this should shake you to your core, what has happened today,” she said.

“This is a very clear demarcation in the history of America.”

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Lara Trump noted that never before have Americans “seen something like this happen where an unannounced raid by the FBI is conducted on a former president of the United States.”

She urged Americans to look beyond the narrow scope of whatever legal rationale was used for the search.

“Think about this. If this is what they’re able to do to the former president of the United States, think about what they could do to you, to anybody in America,” she said.

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Noting that the former president had been cooperating with federal officials on the issue of documents, Lara Trump said “there was no need to make such a big scene, to do something this insane, quite frankly, to a former president.”

“This is about weaponizing the justice system, as it has been so many times in the past, against somebody who you politically do not like,” she said.

Lara Trump said the establishment in Washington is trying to prevent a second term for her father-in-law.

“They detest Donald Trump, not just on the Democrat side, but the general establishment, because he’s not one of them, because he doesn’t play their game,” she said. “They are terrified he’s going to announce any day that he’s running for president in 2024, and this is a very convenient way to just throw a little more mud on Donald Trump, as though they haven’t already done enough.”

Laura Ingraham made a similar comment on her Fox News show, saying “the real target of this investigation isn’t Trump. The real target of this investigation is you or anyone who dares to call out and take on the rank corruption of the D.C. establishment. This is the deep state’s revenge.

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“They’re trying to show all of us that we’ll be destroyed if we fight them. If we question the repeated failures of the Pentagon leadership. If we make serious, I’m talking about serious moves to disrupt the status quo here in Washington. You know, the status quo that protects the powerful as long as they play the game.”

Ingraham noted that the former president threatens insiders and incompetent officials, citing the massacre of U.S. troops in Kabul last August.

“Still, no one has been fired. You think Trump would have ever … put up with any of this? And if he got back into power, they know he would hold all the right people accountable for what they’ve done,” she said.

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