Graham Reacts To Biden Calling Him a ‘Personal Disappointment’ Not Recognizing His Election Win

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) has been a loyal ally of President Donald Trump, a political position that has appeared to cause some damage to his long friendship with President-elect Joe Biden.

The South Carolina lawmaker is among the shrinking group of Republicans who refuse to publicly recognize Biden’s election victory.

Asked about Graham’s refusal, Biden recently told Stephen Colbert, “Lindsey’s been a personal disappointment because I was a personal friend of his.”

During a Tuesday interview on “Fox & Friends,” Graham was asked about Biden’s remark.

He said, “I like Joe Biden, I like Jill [Biden]. This is not easy. Hunter Biden’s had all kind of problems. But I can promise you that what I’m asking for needs to be done.”

See Graham’s comments below:

Though he has been a staunch supporter of Trump, Graham has declined to directly criticize Joe Biden, his longtime Senate colleague. Over the summer, he said, “My differences with Joe Biden are political and they’re real, they’re wide and they’re deep. But he’s a fine man.”

Graham has called for outgoing Attorney General William Barr to appoint a special counsel to investigate Hunter Biden, who has said that his taxes are the subject of a federal investigation.

During his Tuesday “Fox & Friends” interview, Graham said, “I think we need a special counsel because I worry that what Hunter Biden did may have compromised our ability to effectively wage foreign policy.”

But Barr said this week that he will not appoint a special counsel to investigate Hunter Biden.

Graham also cast skepticism on the inevitable future of a Biden presidency, prefacing one response by saying, “President Biden, if he gets to be president.”

The South Carolina senator has been pushing Trump to refuse to concede the election for over a month. In early November, Graham said, “We will work with Biden if he wins, but Trump has not lost. Do not concede, Mr. President. Fight hard.”

Graham has also urged Trump to mount a 2024 Oval Office run, previously saying in early November, “I would encourage President Trump, if after all this he does fall short or he just can’t quite get there to not let this movement die. To consider running again.”


    1. You are so tiresome and juvenile. You wouldn’t even make the bottom of any woman’s list.
      Complimenting yourself is pathetic.

  1. Lol. I live in SC and personally know of Graham’s peccadilloes. You’re just regurgitating crap that you read in far right rags. Try and opening that pea brain to other news sources. Lol

  2. jayjay if the “young boys” thing was true, then he and pedo joe would be best friends. getta life…

      1. Without liberals paying all their bills for them, including their SNAP benefits, conservatives would literally have “no life”.

    1. “Getta life”? Says the person making slanderous, baseless allegations for which you can provide ZERO evidence.
      Prove me wrong.

  3. Poor old Joe. He finally made it to the White House….maybe. His 47 years of nothing paid off. His criticism of Lindsey Graham sounds like the unpopular kid on the playground who finally wins at dodge ball. Get over it. There are many people who will never congratulate him.

    1. Ahh Choo Choo, your responses are predictable, pathetic and obviously koolade induced. Graham is a corrupt, unscrupulous idiot and Mafia Don has some embarrassing dirt on him, given how Graham’s demeanor changed after that golf outing. It’s common knowledge here in SC that Graham loves young boys. Blackmail is one or trumps useful tools to keep everyone in line.

    2. Cheryl, your reply here sounds like someone who knows nothing of the particulars of the issue, and merely make posts based on wishful thinking and manufactured outrage.

      1. Well, dear, I’ve been voting for 45 years and a poll worker for 25. So what are “the particulars of the issue”?
        From what liberal handbook did you plagiarize that foolishness? Talking in circles is what is pathetic.

  4. Joke Biden has considered Lindsey Graham a personal friend for a long time.

    Will this personal attack in his son make Joke FINALLY realize that there is no point in trying to negotiate with these bad faith actors? SOMETHING has to do it, but will this be what gets through to him?

    THEY ARE NOT YOUR FRIENDS, JOKE! They are only playing you for a fool who continually lives in the past. That environment does not exist anymore.

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