If Looks Could Kill: See the Look Twitter's Censorship Head Gave Musk Just Hours Before He Fired Her


It didn’t take Elon Musk very long in his Twitter takeover to produce a litany of viral moments.

There was the moment Musk carried a sink into Twitter headquarters, just to make a lovely dad joke:

There was a simple four-word tweet that literally went viral (currently sitting at over 1.8 million likes):

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But perhaps the most humanizing aspect of all this were the photos that began to circulate showing Musk interacting with the employees of his new company. Oftentimes, people like Musk end up becoming nothing more than a face on television, but these photos do show that he is, in fact, a human being.

There was another similar humanizing photo making the rounds, but eagle-eyed Twitter users quickly noted that at least one person was staring at Musk with some less-than-humanizing hatred.

Zoomed in, you could feel the palpable disdain in Vijaya Gadde, Twitter’s now-former legal head, while she stared death lasers into Musk.

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As many on social media have pointed out, Gadde played a prominent role in the permanent banning of President Donald Trump from the Twitter platform.

Gadde’s reaction is hardly a surprise, given the leftist meltdowns occurring all across Twitter at the moment. While Musk appears to be taking an ax to Twitter’s top executives, there appears to be a wild misunderstanding about what the app itself will look like.

Leftists appear to think they’re all getting banned or censored via Musk’s Twitter takeover. Here is one such advocacy group that clearly leans left fretting over “censorship”:

The best response to that hysteria came from conservative commentator and podcaster Stephen L. Miller:

Miller, and other conservatives on Twitter, are making the same point in light of Musk’s Twitter purchase: This is about censorship, insomuch that conservatives are largely against it.

Conservatives want to hear your reasoning behind why children’s drag queen story hour is a good idea. They want to hear why you think murdering unborn children is acceptable.

Are you excited about Elon Musk owning Twitter?

Conservatives would obviously argue against those stances, but they’re willing to have those arguments. Silencing the opposition is a coward’s game.

Ironically, the very thing leftists are so scared of is a tactic that they employed for so long in public forums like Twitter. In fact, it’s what Vijaya Gadde herself specialized in.

Maybe that’s why she looked so angrily at Musk; she knew that he doesn’t kneel at the altar of censorship like the left does.

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