Bill Maher Shreds Calls to Cancel Student Loan Debt


“Real Time” host Bill Maher is criticizing calls for President Joe Biden to forgive federal student loan debt.

During a segment of his show on Friday, Maher said, “The Democrats have this idea that you are a better person if you sit in class more and more and get more and more degrees.”

“And really the answer is not to make college cheaper. It’s to make it more unnecessary because most of it is bulls*** anyway,” he continued.

He claimed that “a lot of people are saying this is a loser issue” as he noted that 13% of Americans have federal college debt.

“So it just looks like a loser issue for the party that is trying to win back the working class,” Maher argued.

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He went on, “We who didn’t go to college and didn’t benefit from that are gonna subsidize you to get your degree in gender studies and sports marketing and all the other bulls***.”

“I think it’s a loser issue,” Maher insisted.

Watch the video below:

Do you think student loan debt is a "loser issue"?

Democratic strategist Paul Begala seemed to agree with Maher’s argument.

“We Democrats have a lab, two labs actually, secret labs — one in Berkeley and one in Brooklyn — where we come up with ideas to completely piss off the working class, and it’s working wonderfully,” he joked.

He added, “Somehow, in my lifetime, the Democrats have gone from being the party of the factory floor to being the party of the faculty lounge.”

“[What] I’d much rather see Democrats do is go back to their roots, which is earn it,” Begala said.

He added, “Why don’t we have a system where we say, ‘You want to get out of your college debt? Serve your country — Marine Corps, Peace Corps, AmeriCorps.’ Not everybody can carry a rifle, but you can mentor a kid, and you should give two years of service.”

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According to The Wall Street Journal, “Biden signaled to House Democrats” that “he is seriously considering taking action to forgive student-loan debt on a large scale, according to congressional aides and others familiar with the discussions.”

Members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus said they felt confident that Mr. Biden is warming to calls from progressive Democrats to take executive action to erase at least some of the debt held by borrowers with federal student loans,” it added.

However, the Journal reports that Biden “told the lawmakers that he was weighing the timing of any announcement and wanted to make sure it didn’t contribute to inflation.”

Biden told reporters last month, “I am considering dealing with some debt reduction. I am not considering [a] $50,000 debt reduction.”

“But I’m in the process of taking a hard look at whether or not there will be additional debt forgiveness.”

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