Man Who Claims to Be a Female Ballerina Has Performance Go Viral - And It's Really Bad for Him


A dancer is going viral for all the wrong reasons.

Over the past few days, Twitter has blown up over a video of Sophie Rebecca, a man who thinks he is a woman and who was admitted to the U.K.’s Royal Academy of Dance several years ago.

One would think that if he trained at such a prestigious dance school, his skills would be pretty spectacular. Well, unfortunately for “Sophie,” Twitter users were quick to notice something in the video of him dancing.

See if you can spot for yourself what they are talking about:

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Twitter exploded with comments pointing out how stiff and ungainly Sophie looked pretending to be a female ballerina.

Not to mention the fact that someone with a very obvious masculine physique was trying to perform a routine created for a female dancer.

Some users wondered if they had a chance to get into the Royal Academy of Dance if this was its new standard.

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This is not to make fun of Sophie but to highlight once again the absurdity of transgenderism. He was clearly accepted (and celebrated) because he is transgender, not because of his dancing abilities.

In sports, men who claim to be women have a natural advantage over their female competitors. The situation here is reversed.

Sophie simply cannot be as good at this routine as a real woman. He has a man’s body and therefore lacks the grace and elegance needed to perform this dance.

This is not about Sophie. It’s about how absurd and delusional the transgender movement really is.

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