Man Tries to Carjack Pregnant Woman in Starbucks Drive-Thru – Has Plans Foiled by Watchful Veteran


A normal stop at a Starbucks led to the apprehension of a career criminal who attempted to carjack a pregnant woman in the drive-thru. 

According to Fox 35 Orlando, last Monday U.S. Army veteran Shane Spicer was also waiting in the line of cars. 

Police were involved in a high-speed chase with a dangerous suspect who ditched his vehicle and ran to the Starbucks drive-thru line. 

Spicer said the suspect was “Sprinting up to Starbucks, and he didn’t look like a Starbucks coffee drinker.”

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“Then he yanked the girl out of the car. And just kind of an instinctive, kind of reactionary thing,” he added. 

Spicer got out of the passenger seat of his car and rushed behind the woman’s vehicle to jump into her passenger seat and pull the criminal out. 

Dashcam footage captured the incident, while bodycam footage also displayed Spicer holding the suspect until police were able to take custody of him. 

Fox News reported that the criminal in question was identified as Michael Prouty, a wanted man with 13 prior felony convictions. 

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Prouty has been charged by the Ocala Police Department with resisting arrest, fleeing the scene of a crime, eluding, attempted carjacking, and causing a crash involving injuries. 

Afterward, Spicer noted that his mentality was, “I’m gonna get you, buddy,” via Fox 35 Orlando

“Like, you’re not going anywhere now. Like, you crossed the line,” he added. 

Spicer’s girlfriend and young daughter were in the car when this all took place. He noted that he had been, “Just getting started with the day, had maybe been awake 20 to 25 minutes.” 

While several people were injured due to Prouty’s car crash, Spicer was uninjured while apprehending the suspect. 

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When asked about his actions Spicer stated, “I feel like if you’ve got the ability to watch out for someone, that you should.”

“I would just hope that someone would do the same for my family,” he concluded. 

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