Matt Walsh Torches Leftists After Outrage Over Their Common Insult Being Labeled as 'Racial Slur'


The Daily Wire host Matt Walsh lashed out at the left’s so-called “diversity” initiatives by drawing attention to the fact that one common leftist insult is now basically a racial slur.

In a recent segment on his show, Walsh was responding to a report from CNN that stated that Uber’s chief diversity officer had been placed on leave after she hosted a panel called “Don’t Call Me Karen.” The term “Karen,” according to the article, is a derogatory slang term often used to refer to middle-aged white women.

The event apparently upset many black and Hispanic Uber workers, who felt that it focused too much on the hateful implications of the word “Karen,” rather than on the “harms white people can inflict on people of color,” The New York Times first reported.

In essence, the diversity chief was put on leave because she hosted a panel that dared to suggest that white people deserve the same respect in the workplace that racial minorities do.

Walsh was quick to respond to this by pointing out that this proves that these diversity initiatives are really just anti-white initiatives. “All diversity initiatives are anti-white initiatives,” Walsh said.

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He continued by pointing out that almost 100 percent of the time, diversity initiatives focus solely on the challenges faced by ethnic minorities, but this one time a diversity officer hosted a panel suggesting that people should not use ethnic slurs against whites, she was fired.

“This was the 0.0000001 percent of cases where it focused on somebody else, briefly, and they [black and Hispanic workers] were furious. They just couldn’t handle it.”

Walsh also suggested that maybe the reason so many workers were angry was that the event suggested that ethnic minorities should be held to the same standards as white people when it comes to race relations.

“She suggested, if you’re a racial minority, maybe there are some standards of conduct that apply to you, too, maybe. Like, maybe you can’t just say whatever you want all the time.”

Should the word “Karen” be considered a racial slur?

Walsh then directed his attention to the fact that the popular “Karen” insult is by now basically a racial slur, but no one wants to admit it. “They get really, really angry when you merely mention the obvious fact that it is an anti-white slur.”

He then pointed out that if he started calling black women “Shaniquas,” people would be all over him for being racist. “Karen” is simply the anti-white version of “Shaniqua.”

Walsh makes a very important point here. The left has pushed and weaponized diversity initiatives in schools, corporations, and even the government in order to advance their agenda against white people.

Now, however, it is coming back to bite them, as they are being reminded that a real end to racism means an end to racism against white people, as well as an end to racism against ethnic minorities.

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The left cannot stand this because it would demolish the narrative of white people as evil oppressors, which they have been trying to push for years.

Also, Walsh is absolutely spot-on with his take on the “Karen” term. “Karen” is a racial slur that is used by the left to demonize white women, and it really is no different from “Shaniqua.”

But of course, the left cannot admit that because once they do, then they are forced to accept that they need to examine their attitudes towards white people.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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